• Lauer Right Choice To Replace Bob Costas

    When Bob Costas was removed from Olympics coverage due to pink eye, Matt Lauer was absolutely the best choice to replace him. He was even one of the only options at the time. So far, Lauer has performed admirably in the position, especially when you consider that he wasn't planning on leading the coverage team.

  • Yes, Matt Lauer has done a good job.

    I feel that Matt Lauer has been doing a good job, since Bob Costas has been ill with pink eye and they needed a different Olympics commentator. It was an unusual situation, so NBC probably had to get someone in quickly to take his place. Both seem like likable and relatable people, and I feel that's important for the commentator who's representing the United States and interviewing athletes.

  • He does a good job.

    Yes, Matt Lauer was the right choice to replace Bob Costas, because Lauer is skilled and he is well liked. It would have been unfortunate to risk something as big as the Olympics on anyone with less name recognition. Thank goodness they didn't have Jimmy Fallon take it over. Lauer is an accomplished replacement.

  • Matt Lauer was the right choice to replace for Bob Costas.

    Matt Lauer was the right choice to replace for Bob Costas. People know who Matt Lauer of the Today show is and he has earned his own reputation. I think that he is a good choice to replace Bob Costas because Matt has been there about as long as anyone else.

  • A Great Replacement

    I believe Matt Lauer was an excellent choice to replace Bob Costas. I think it's unfortunate that Bob Costas came down with pink eye right at the worst possible time. However, Lauer is well know by the American public and he's well respected in his field. Given the special, Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?, I think it's very fitting.

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