• Thomas Menino was a mayor for Boston and the people.

    Thomas Menino was Boston's longest serving mayor. He sincerely put a large part of his life into the city he served for the good of the city rather than fame. Mayor Menino fought against racism and vastly improved a failing school system. In a 2009 poll, it was found over half of Boston's population had personally met Thomas Menino. That is truly a mayor for the people.

  • Yes, Mayor Menino was Boston's most popular mayor.

    Mayor Menino was elected to five terms which is unprecedented. Under his guidance Boston flourished and became the city it is today. From the skyline to the sports team, no part of Boston was untouched by his influence. He was known as a mayor who got things done. He is the most popular mayor Boston has had.

  • Yes, I think Mayor Menino was Boston's most popular mayor.

    I believe that Mayor Menino was Boston's most popular mayor. He helped Boston and changed a lot of things for the better, and people liked him for that. He improved the city which in turn made people grateful and I think that they really liked him. I think he was Boston's most popular mayor.

  • It depeneds who is asked.

    I think when it comes to Boston's most popular mayor, it really comes down to one's opinion and perception. Not to mention, how much of local politics that they pay attention to. Not everyone really keeps up with what is going on their local community, so, in someone's eyes, one mayor is just as good as another.

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