• The girl got game

    This is a nice girl who has some really badass songs. While I love Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham (who's like the biggest tomboy in all of the group, at least today as opposed to her gleeful days), Mel C has got game that the other don't. She sings like a sultry girl and does it well. She does airkicks (sometimes to the dismay of Beckham, whose like *facepalm* in embarassment).

  • Hell yeah! I love her

    If you are playing in theatre for 6 months 8 times a week then you need to know how to sing ;)
    she played in Blood Brothers and in Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Rock Tour. Also, she released 6!! Solo albums! And she is starting to work on her 7th album this year! You can't stop her!

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