Was Michael Douglas's character from "Black Rain" a racist?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Condescending attitude toward Japanese

    Yet again the independent "Cowboy" American has to tell the clueless foreigner how to get things done. There isn't enough space to list the ridiculous stereotypes. For starters the depiction of Japanese as drone-like without an original thought in their head and their women as vapid giggling Geisha types gets on my nerves as well.

  • Compared to Archie Bunker and Chandler Bing (from a show which I hate), no

    Mind you, at times he did show racist attitudes toward Japanese people. It's seems more like prejudice than outright hatred, though. He seems to gain a heart for them later in the movie. He's not an elitist type. He wasn't the type who'd go out and lynch another person. I think he has more redeemable qualities.

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