• Galeota left hospital against doctor's advice

    Galeota reportedly checked himself into hospital for abdominal pains, yet he went home against doctor's advice. As a precaution, he should have remained in hospital for observation. His family and friends should have monitored his condition after his release. It seems strange that Galeota did not contact his friends. Both the hospital and his friends could have taken more responsibility. It seems he died of natural causes, so there is no need for an inquest. His medical history is undisclosed; therefore, it is difficult to say what could have been done to prevent his death if there was an underlying cause.

  • Galeota's death not covered due to Bowie's death

    Michael Galeota was an actor who started his career on the DIsney channel. He had a problem with alcohol and this attributed to his early death at only 31 years of age. However, the media in the USA wants to cover stories that create buzz and publicity and David Bowie is much more well known among Americans. Therefore since both died on the same day, Galeota's tragic death (a death that could help set an example for young Amercians) was completely overlooked by the media, while Bowie's death is on every headline.

  • No, Michael Galeota's death was not overlooked.

    Although Galeota's death may have been overshadowed by the death of David Bowie, the Disney child star's friends and family remembered him through online funeral fund raising efforts. Fellow actors, producers and directors contributed to the fund, and many remembered Galeota as a warm, joyful and loving friend. Additionally, his death was covered by news sources such as Entertainment Weekly.

  • No, it has received plenty of coverage

    I saw coverage of his death on many different media platforms, specifically social media. Most of the postings were from people of his generation that grew up watching him on the Disney show The Jersey, but even with interest from mostly that group it was still well covered. Enough that I found out who he was though I never heard of him before.

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