• Agreed, David Bowie's death has overshadowed everything.

    Unfortunately for Michael Galeota, someone more famous and more iconic died at the same time. David Bowie had been an icon from the 60's until he died this week. He was the musician's musician and the world is mourning a legend. Who was Michael Galeota? David Bowie took us to places we'd never been before, changed lives, and never let us down.

  • David Bowie's Death Overshadows Michael Gaeota's

    There is no doubt that David Bowie's death has overshadowed the death of Michael Gaeota. David Bowie was a far more famous star when compared to Michael Gaeota. Musicians seem to have more of a following than actors. I believe they are more endeared to the mind of average Americans. So a super star like Bowie dieing undoubtedly receive far more coverage than that of the death of an actor.

  • Galeota's death overshadowed by Bowie's death

    Yes, Michael Galeota, a young actor starring on the Disney Channel, had his death completely overshadowed by that of David Bowie. The media wants to cover stories that create buzz and followers and David Bowie had a significant career and helped shape music as it is today. Michael Galeota was still young and did not have the name recognition as Bowie did, and as unfortunate as his death was, it was not covered well by media.

  • Tributes have been pouring in for David Bowie

    Fans of both Bowie and Galeota have been left distraught. There are questions remaining about the circumstances of the deaths of both men. They both led private lives. Bowie was much older, and had a strong following for decades. He was a prolific and well-respected musical and theatrical artist. There has been more media coverage about Bowie than Galeota. Many people have probably never heard of Galeota, whose role as Nick Lighter for the Disney Channel appeals to a much narrower audience. Both people will be greatly missed around the world.

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