• Sadly yes :(

    He was every childs grown up friend in the 80s and 90s. That is why it came as such a shock to the world that he had committed such horrible acts so they went into denial. But we all just need to except that our friend micheal, was a pedo.

  • "A protector, not a molester of children."

    Sophia Pade, the author of Jackson's biography, founded that 95% of child-molestation charges made against him were to cause harm to his reputation and/or acquire a large amount of money from him - they were not made based on the actual fact that a child was truly molested. Secondly, Macaulay Culkin - the well-known 'Home Alone' actor and personal friend to Michael Jackson - stated in a testimony that Michael had never touched him inappropriately, and that quote "I never saw him act improperly with anybody."

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