Was Michael Jackson a musical genius even though he could not read or write music?

  • Yes he was

    Although he could not write or read music the songs and sounds he heard in his head his had he beatboxed on a tape recorder and the demos later became his sky scraping hits. Michael had recorded or written well over 300 songs with only 136 being officially released to the public and every now and then being boot legged or leaked

  • There are tons of great musicians couldn't read or write music..

    Michael Jackson by all accounts - I would say is a "pop musical genius". Meaning, his musical vision was in making music (all harmonically, melodically and also rhythmically) so that the masses would enjoy. I think it's obvious that he was a musical genius in this respect, because his work is revered by musicians in all genres. Also, there any many musicians through-out the ages who could not read or write music - so that is an irrelevant part of the debate.

  • Michael Jackson was a musical genius

    There is no definition of "musical genius" that requires one to be able to read or write music. Some musical geniuses play instruments and some sing, while others do both. Regardless, they are all still considered musical geniuses. There are different ways to define one's genius in regards to music. One could be a conductor, a player, a musician, a singer, or a composer. There is nothing that says you must be all or more than one.

  • Michael Jackson was a musical genius

    I didn't know that Michael Jackson could not read or write music. If true, that would make him more remarkable as a musical entertainer. He may not have been able to do the technical end of the art, but he was able to deliver it to the world. He felt the music

  • Yes, Michael had perfect pitch and could hit every note with his voice

    Not only could Michael not read or write music, he could hardly play any instruments either. He was able to communicate to his composers how he wanted his melodies to sound by using his voice. He could sing any note as accurately as a piano keystroke, or the strum of a guitar string.

  • Yes, Micheal Jackson was a musical genius

    Yes, Michael Jackson was a musical genius even though he could not read or write music. He created distinctive and captivating music that people around the world enjoyed. Even if he created the sounds by ear instead of technical musical knowledge, the songs that he created were still some of the best in music.

  • MJ was NOT a genius

    If we wanna talk about MUSICAL genius lets talk about Quincy Jones the creator of Michael's best music. If you wanna talk about kinesthetic genius because of his innovative dance moves lets talk about Bill Bailey who created the moon walk in 1955. Michael is a great entertainer but a genius he is not.

  • He was a talentless child molester

    He had so much cases against this and all his songs sound the same. He bleached his skin to be white because he was a discrace to the african american race. I hate his guts and was glad when i heard he died. He is with hitler now in hell

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