Was Michael Jackson's concert promoter partly to blame for his death?

  • Yes, Jackson's Promoter is Partly to Blame for his Death.

    Michael Jackson was under intense pressure with his upcoming concert tour and his promoter, no doubt, added more stress to what he was already experiencing. Jackson was dreary from little sleep and was facing serious medical issues concerning his relationship with some IV drugs. His concert promoter should have recognized the issues surrounding his personal life and not pushed any more pressure on this man. This is a situation where humanity should obviously come ahead of money.

  • Family is greedy and in denial

    Michael was addicted to drugs. No ones fault but his own. Other drug users can't sue their employers for stress. He was a grown man and his family has to accept that he is responsible for his actions. They are out for money and in denial. Teaching his kids that if you do something wrong, you can blame someone else.

  • Michael Jackson was a grown man.

    Michael Jackson was one of the most famous people who have ever lived, and he was loved the world over. The thing is that as troubled as he was, he was still a grown man and responsible for his own actions. It's tragic that he passed away so young, but the man should have taken better care of himself.

  • Michael Jackson was a drugged out freak child molester that should have been in jail.

    Michael Jackson was a drugged out freak child molester that should have been in jail.

    See Story in Canada. Boy tells how he and another teen were sexually molested by Michael Jackson. Another, boy called. Jackson is a total freak. So Jackson was going up to Canada to find boys to rape.

    Money speaks, Jackson and O.J. Simpson hired expensive attorneys and got off. Fortunately, at least OJ is were he belongs; and Michael Jackson is where he belongs, dead and in Hades burning for raping young boys.

  • No, Michael Jackson Made his own Decisions.

    I do not believe that anyone other than Michael Jackson should be blamed for his death. He made all of the decisions that he did on his own. Sure, he may have been influenced by other people, but in the end, it was his choice to live his life the way he did.

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