• Microsoft staying ahead

    Microsoft is staying ahead in an economic game of who stays on top in the tech world. Them buying Minecraft helps them be instantly more profitable. No that Microsoft is poor by any means, but they know what companies, apps, and trends to look for to make sure they stay at the top.

  • Microsoft Outsmarts Rivalries by Buying Minecraft

    Microsoft outsmarts rivalries by buying Minecraft. Minecraft is a profitable game brand with numerous awards and gamers ready to download and play it. The big IT players are getting bigger lately by acquiring diversified portfolio of companies and stealing more and more clients from the competition. Facebook aims to compete with Youtube, Skype is seriously hit by the latest Viber version and so on.

  • Microsoft Wise to Purchase Minecraft

    By purchasing Minecraft, Microsoft has taken on a company that is worth at least $1.0 billion, if not more. It's one of the best selling games of all time and continues to draw in millions of dollars in revenue each quarter. Perhaps no game is as popular as Minecraft right now, and merchandise sales bring in even more money.

  • Microsoft Overpaid For Mojang's Minecraft

    Microsoft paid two point five billion dollars to have rights to a game that generates a profit of one hundred million a year. I feel that to break even, Microsoft will start charging more money to users knowing that the game has a cult following. As a result, users will be resentful and eventually leave the gaming platform for something not touched by the corporate giant Microsoft.

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