Was Mitt Romney right about calling Russia the biggest threat to the United States rather than Al Qaida?

Asked by: Jnoorda123
  • The way Putin talks about the US seems to support this as well

    I'm not a conservative, nor did I vote for Romney, but this is something I honestly can't disagree with him about. Putin has demonstrated his military's strength several times and has held a very vocal less than loving attitude of America. This is cause for alarm, especially since Putin makes Al Qaeda look like Sesame Street

  • He was dead on.

    I believe his comment was that Russia was our biggest geopolitical opponent. Terrorism is a threat, and Russia has been known to support terrorists organizations. They have little to fear from terrorists, so they have no worries about stirring the pot. We have a president who is very weak in foreign policy, and Putin will milk it for all it's worth. Once again. Mitt was right.

  • Al Qaida or Russian Federation

    When we think of the enemies of the US in the 21st century we think of terrorist organizations, but lately we have seen more Russian opposition to US policy than terrorist attacks. Was Mitt Romney's idea an outdated Cold War point of view or a modern realistic view of the world?

  • No He Was Not

    Let's not forget the comments were made 2 years ago. The situation was a lot different then that it is now. Mitt Romney claimed they were the biggest geopolitical threat, overlooking both terrorist organizations and countries like North Korea. Romney could not have predicted the events that have taken place in Ukraine, nor did he. Imagine if this were 1945. Would a person saying the Soviet Union was the biggest threat to the United States over Japan be taken seriously? I don't think so. It was not "insightful" by Romney then, and just because the situation changed does not mean he was right.

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