• There is but you would never believe

    A guy named Ron Wyatt went to look. He found egyptian chariot wheels in the middle of the red sea covered in corals. They were of the period of the exodus.
    Why would Egyptians throw away chariots if wood was scarce? Wyatt even believed some of the wheels were gold plated because you could see the metal.

    He also found the story of Joseph in an Egyptian wall. It was written way after Joseph and the Egyptians made their own edits to the story by changing his name.

    And even if there is evidence the bible makes it clear that there we be scoffers that do not believe and ask where is the evidence ignoring the things of the past.

    You will just attempt to explain away anything that you disagree with because nothing will break you from you denial.

    People come back from the dead talking about hell and doctors say that no don't believe them believe us because we can explain away. Its just the penial gland there is no soul or God.

  • Sort of but not in how the modern Bible tells it

    I am stating no because I believe the question implies "as the Bible tells it". Moses and an exodus was likely real things but there were no miracles. The Hebrews also probably weren't slaves but hired laborers and some were likely mercenaries in the Egyptian army as well according to more recent archaeological findings. It is probable that they may have been mildly mistreated but not seriously abused. Under Moses, Who was basically an Egyptian aristocrat who sympathized with the Hebrews, They left and the Pharaoh was reluctant to part with them but eventually allowed it (the plagues are just fairy tales). However, The Hebrews plundered the Egyptian city before they left which prompted Pharaoh to chase after them with his army to get his stuff back. The parting of the Red Sea didn't happen (likely a fantastical interpretation of a receding tide they used to cross a river delta).

  • There's no evidence!

    There isn't any evidence for it at all! I think that the Exodus of Egypt in itself is just a story made to evaluate the religion of the Jewish people and even though it gets a holiday of its own on Passover, It just isn't something that really did happen simply because there's no Historical or Archaeological records anywhere. Even the ancient Egyptians make no mention of the exodus in their own hieroglyphics, So how can it be real or there's no conclusive evidence anywhere? I think it definitely wasn't because of that!

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