• Yes and no.

    Yes Mother Teresa was fake in the sense that the media made her out to be a little more than she actually was. I don't think that is necessarily her fault. She is very misunderstood and the catholic church used her how they wanted to. She had her beliefs that are different from what most people understand.

  • Supporting the Church

    She was only going around "looking after" sick people to evangelize the Catholic religion to new areas. I don't see how she had any compassion if all she was doong was telling people that suffering is good for you. Absolutely an overrated character who should finally be totally exposed to the world.

  • Mother Teresa never relieved any suffering:

    She did not want their suffering relieved, as she believed that their suffering was a necessity, so to relieve it was wrong. Her patients essentially died without any treatment for their conditions on the makeshift beds, with no visits from family nor friends.
    They died a sad, painful death.
    Without any treatment, as many were treatable.
    Teresa felt exalted by their suffering, so essentially it was a place to suffer, not to get well. They were not Hospitals but only a place to die, without ever being with family.

  • Mother Teresa was a fake.

    Mother Teresa was not as charitable as the media portrayed her. She did not alleviate the suffering of anyone, but she thought that suffering was good for the soul. She was a megalomaniac who cared more about her own celebrity than actually helping people. There were plenty of poor people in her native Albania, but she went to India to be famous.

  • Getting rich from the poor.

    Mother Teresa, although seen as a saint in western society, is actually one of the most heartless people in history. People claim that see had tried to help the poor and suffering, when actually, she relished in it. She refused to give her patients painkillers, saying that in suffering, her followers would become more in tune to Christ. People have said that they could hear screams of pain as major and severe wounds were treated without any form of pain reliever. All she merely did was tell the dying people if they didn't believe in her faith, they would face a pain more cruel than the poverty they were living in. Most of her orphanages had children who would become abused or suffer neglect, and her so called "treatment cottages" were merely places to go to die in slow agony. If anymore questions are left unanswered, see Christopher Hitchens writings on Mother Teresa, AKA, "Hell's Angel", for Chris probably was better at explaining this then I was.

  • Not fake simply brilliant

    I am a 6th grader and this is my report on st.Teresa Many wondered if saint Teresa kept the millions that she earned for her shelters, and just taking care of the people out on the streets. Mother Teresa was born on August 27, 1910, in Macedonia.
    Mother Teresa ran many kinds of charitable assistance to poor people in need, including medical treatment, education and basic every day supplies such as clothing. Mother Teresa had little training and lacked proper or official equipment, but made use of the resources she had to improve the lives of others less fortunate than herself. Mother Teresa provided physical and emotional support to hundreds of homeless and sick individuals; she received numerous awards and honors for her efforts, including the gold medal of the Soviet Union's Peace Committee. . Although she spent many years living among the homeless, Mother Teresa came from a wealthy family and spent her childhood years earning an education in academic studies and the Catholic religion. In 1991, she returned home to Albania and opened a home in Tirana, the capital. At this time, there were 168 homes operating in India. Later in 1995, plans materialized to open homes in China. Mother Teresa accomplished all of the things I have listed above. She was a brilliant role mode

  • I don't think so!

    I think Mother Teresa is a brilliant person as she made many houses throughout her life. Helping the poorest of the poor was her saying meaning a lot. Mother Teresa supported many countries and followed her beliefs. She is an amazing person however it was a mistake when god took her away.

  • She was not fake.

    She was true to her work. And she was very inspiring. The work that Mother Teresa has done is uncompared to what anyone has done . Her work will forever be much appreciated! Motheer Teresa is a wonderful person. People must not be so critical about her! Mother Teresa will never be forgotten!

  • Mother Teresa was not a fake

    Mother Teresa was a beautiful and selfless person. She lived a holy and Godly life and at times was persecuted for it. She was not afraid of adversity.She wasn't afraid to work with people with illness. She knew she had God to protect her. Of course she was a regular woman, but an good one.

  • Clearly Not. Her actions were admirable.

    Mother Teresa's actions were quite clear. Her actions have benefited mankind in ways which are completely beyond words. Though the media may have 'inflated' her actions, they were still admirable and many should seek to do more good. She should be a role model to those who are faithful to G-d.

  • Not a fake.

    No, I do not think that Mother Teresa was a fake. She had her beliefs and she stuck by them. She was sincere in her beliefs and statements. She was kind to all people from all walks of life. I think that all of this proves just the reverse - that she was incredibly genuine.

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