Was Nazism good (yes) or bad (no) for Germany's rise to power?

  • Nazism Father of Modern Rocketry

    The man who invented rockets as we know them today, Wernher Von Braun, was a member of the Nazi party and commissioned Schutzstaffel Officer. He aided both Germany and the United States in the use of rockets during and after WW2, and eventually became a naturalized U.S. Citizen. Although he pioneered many areas, including the installation of liquid-fueled rockets in aircraft and orbit to ground missiles, he is best known for his achievements in NASA.His best achievement there was undoubtedly the development of the Saturn V booster rocket, that helped man to finally touch the moon, in July 1969. Von Braun officially opened the gate to space travel through his innovative inventions…as well as creating one of the most destructive methods of war known to mankind.

  • Nazi Welfare Programs

    Nazi Germany had one of the largest public welfare programs in history, based on the philosophy that all Germans should share a standard of living. One of the most famous of these was the Winter Relief program, where high ranking Nazis and common citizens both took to the streets to collect charity for the unfortunate. This was not only an extremely intelligent propaganda move, but also a ritual to generate general good public feeling toward those in need. Posters urged people to donate rather than give directly to beggars.

  • In a certain way.

    After ww1 German was in a horrific depression where suicide, prostitution, and infant fatality was at a all time high. When the Nazis rose to power they helped the economy greatly. When america saw that Germany was becoming more wealth then them they got jealous. JEWISH run propaganda centers authorized by the US goverment was aimed at turning every country against germany. And when it succeeded america knew it was only a matter of time before they could come in and save the day.

  • Unification and rise from shame and the depression

    The shameful defeat of the Central Powers during the Great War left Germany in shame and worse, in poverty. The bold and ambitious leader that was Hitler unified the German people under the godlike image of Hitler. An era of glorious expansion would soon begin, bringing much luxury and prosperity to the German people.

  • The Nazi party Unified Germany

    Germany became unified and confident under the Nazi party. It benefited the country. They put their best and brightest to work toward a cause, and developed many technological innovations which changed the world. Many countries at the time were authoritarian dictatorships- Japan, Russia, Italy. This form of Gov. was a characteristic of that period of time. Germans became confident, capable and optimistic during Nazi rule.

  • Nazism helped Germany rise to power.

    While Nazism is disgusting and completely condemnable, we still have to admit that Hitler and his regime helped bring a reeling Germany back as a risen power in the world. His charisma and militant policies helped turn Germany around and bring them back to a position of global power and dominance.

  • Germany will never fully recover.

    No, Nazism was not good for Germany's rise to power, because it put a black mark on Germany for the rest of its life. For as long as the country exists, Germany will be remembered for its atrocities, rather than for the many good things that it has accomplished. Germany is out shadowed by the horror inflicted by its Nazi government.

  • No, that's a ridiculous question.

    How could the Nazis have been good for Germany's rise to power. For a while their arrogance and abuse did make them powerful but thankfully that was overthrown and now Germans all over the world feel the need to overcome the bad reputation that they received as a result of the Nazi regime.

  • I think that Nazism was bad for Germany’s rise to power.

    I think that Nazism was bad for Germany’s rise to
    power. No one will ever forget what
    happened during Hitler’s reign. This was
    one of the most disgusting periods in human history. It gave Germany a bad reputation that may
    never go away. Dictators always leave a
    bad taste in the world’s mouth.

  • Nazism was bad for Germany's rise to power.

    Nazism was like blowing up a baloon. It was made larger and larger, filled with hot air, until it burst and almost destroyed Germany her the people in it. I feel that any political system based on hate cannot make the country who uses it more powerful and in the end it will fail. So Nazism, Stalinism and Communism and now words of the past.and the countries who used them as political systems are now more powerless than other countries who did not use them.

  • Nazism is BAD

    Nazism was held by Adolf Hitler, It didn't just leave a bad mark on Germany, Of course it made German strong for a while during world war 1 but after the time of Nazi have passed the country has been weaken, and people started realise that after Nazi was at its low point.

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