• It was indeed justified.

    Every day I hear that this clown has lead the Huskers to so many 9+ win seasons. Whoop-de-doo. Those win totals are grossly overinflated; they play 3 or 4 "gimme games" early in the season, and they play in the Big Ten West, which is arguably the weakest division in the weakest conference.
    In addition, during his tenure at Nebraska he has never lead the team to a Big Ten title, and when he gets to the big game it is always an embarrassing blowout. A change to this mediocrity had to be made.

  • Yes, Bo Pelini was hostile towards fans and referees

    Yes, the firing is justified. I believe that for any organization to be successful, you need to have a coach who remains professional throughout the game. Throughout the course of last season he was hostile both towards the officials of the games, as well as the fans. Not only does this have a negative impact on potential fan turnouts at upcoming games, but it also reflects badly on the organization as a whole.

  • Yes, they were.

    While his players ma have loved him and he may have had a winning record he still had never won a big ten title and under most high pressure games his team folded. They are looking for a great coach not just a mediocre one and they shouldn't have to settle.

  • Yes no one else is qualified to judge

    It was up to Nebraska to decide whether Bo Pelini deserved to stay or not. None of the public or colleagues should be able to have a say. This means that if Nebraska had decided not to fire Bo Pelini this would have also been a right decision as I believe Nebraska have the only say.

  • People need to be given a chance

    People need to be given a chance to do their best. Sometimes it takes a while in sports to show up as the best or even really good. Everyone these days wants instantaneous results and that is to the detriment of society often times. In sports people tend to get one chance and often that is not enough.

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