Was Nemwan unleashing his inner Klansman devil in the "Seinfeld" finale hilarious? Why/why not?

Asked by: Adam2
  • It really shows was a tool of Satan and a Klansman-like man Newman is

    I will start off with a little disclaimer -- Newman was a much bigger a--hole in early episodes with him. In early episodes, he was a pure a--hole who would do whatever he could to hurt Jerry. "The Suicide" was actually a stark depiction of the type of people who existed during Jim Crow -- Newman lying about Jerry flirting with a guy's girl to tried to get Jerry killed (and the guy went Jim Crow on Jerry). In later seasons, Newman was more tamed, a bit more diplomatic (and much funnier too), as opposed to the purely nasty KKK a--hole he was in early episodes. He agreed to work with Jerry (sorta to get him off his back), but the final monologue is a real testament to his purely evil side. It's like a KKK rally speech from the 1940s. Really funny

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