Was New York City's raid on Occupy Wall Street worth its $365,000+ price tag?

  • Yes, it was

    While I can't condone the actions of some officers during the occupy nonsense, the general concept of getting those clowns off the street was a good one. Nobody benefits from a bunch of "me too" idiots that don't even know what they want clogging roadways, trashing the place and getting in everybody's way for literally no reason.

  • No, they simply broke up a peaceful protest and used taxpayer dollars

    No matter what you think about the Occupy Wall Street movement, in America people have the right to peacefully assemble and allow their grievances to be heard. Individuals who caused harm to others should have been singly removed. The raid was simply a heavy-handed attempt to break up the protest, likely at the behest of the very organizations that were being protested. It sets a very bad example when cops 'legally' raid protests and then charge the taxpayers to do it.

  • No, New York City's raid on Occupy Wall Street Was Not Worth Its $365,000+ Price Tag.

    The government's job is to use the people's resources in a way that will benefit us and protect us, even if it is from each other. However, based on the news coverage I have read about Occupy Wall Street, the movement was not causing much damage to the public, and certainly not enough to justify spending money that could have been used for more appropriate causes.

  • No, but the wealthy must crush all attempts and fair wages for everyone.

    This should have been the second shot heard around the world. We need to regroup and protest and strike in every city this summer, and not give up. We can shut down America if we try. And, then are members of Congress will have to address the unfairness. If they don't, we have to have an all out revolution like happened in China, Russia, and Cuba.

    The workers will not stand for this BS in America any longer. The wealthy have to be taken down.

    The Plutocracy will used every force necessary to crush the working class, the 99%; they will spend billions; and, they have trillions in reserve. They have second cars and yachts that cost millions, $365,000+ is nothing. The remaining Walton family members, 7 people own more wealth than the bottom 40% of all Americans. It is total nonsense.

    What is wrong with all you people? Why don't you get it. Overthrowing the wealthy is the only option.

    This is a class struggle that can only end with the complete overthrow of the wealthy.

    It will be bloody like all revolutions. But, the 99% has the side of history on its side and that of fairness for everyone; just not the top 1%. This needs to happen in all capitalistic countries; the wealthy rulers need to be kicked out, by force if necessary.

    Power to the working class!

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