Was NFL commissioner Roger Goodell justified in issuing a two-game suspension to Ray Race for punching his ex-fiancée?

  • Outrage as NFL star Ray Rice is suspended for just two games after he punched his then-fiancee unconscious

    NFL officials sparked outrage Thursday when it was revealed star Baltimore running back Ray Rice would receive just a two-game suspension after punching his then-fiancee so hard she lost consciousness.

    Rice is seen in surveillance footage dragging a limp Janay Palmer from the Revel casino elevator in Atlantic City last February. He's since entered a treatment program and the two are said to be in counseling.

  • yes he was

    If someone is mis-representing the team, they should be suspended at the very least. It shows others that something will happen if you do something violent or crazy even if it isn't when they are playing. They sign contracts, and they know what the rules are. They make a lot of money as well. Totally justifiable.

  • No Justification At All For The Minimal Suspension

    Even before the release of the full video of Ray Rice punching his now-wife, the two-game suspension was way too lenient. If it is true that Rice admitted to the commissioner that he punched his wife and knocked her out, he should have received a significantly longer suspension in the first place. The full video just exacerbates the terrible earlier decision by the commissioner.

  • No he was not

    No, I do not think that Goodell disciplined Ray Rice hard enough for hitting his then-fiancee in an elevator. I think that the commissioner should have suspended Rice for the entire season, and then made a decision about whether or not to let him back in the NFL. Ray Rice is a bad image of NFL Players.

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