• Yes it is.

    Yes, Nico Rosberg's retirement is well deserved. The British Formula One driver has been competing fiercely, this year winning a world title and reaching a personal goal. Now he's decided to check out of racing in style, while he's at the top. He has a lot of other things to do in life, including being there for his children. His retirement truly is well deserved.

  • Yes, Nico Rosenberg's retirement was well deserved.

    Nico Rosenberg's retirement was well deserved because he had an extremely successful career. Since 2010, Rosenberg has won 23 Grand Prix races. He also earned 30 pole positions and has also won the 2016 World Drivers' Championship. He is also the first German driver to have won a title on a German team with a German engine.

  • Family is more important to him

    Nico Rosenberg has achieved his childhood dream to be a champion. He knows very well that if he keeps fighting at the same way he will cause more risk and stress in his life, which will surely get some bad impact in his family life. By quitting what he has been doing that will give him the opportunity to get a better family life.

  • Yes, i agree.

    It is true to say that Nico Rosenberg's retirement was well deserved. I strongly believe that there should be nothing so special about retirement. Retirement strictly depends on ones age. The age that an institution has set to say goodbye to the elder workers for them to go and rest. Therefore we have to embrace it whichever way.

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