• Yes he was

    Even though many people may say he was a bad president or what not, it could be argued that he was at the very least effective to some degree , I mean the guy did not just not do anything. He tried to keep France from war if I'm not mistaken.

  • Yes, the economy is improving.

    Yes, Nicolas Sarkozy is an effective president, because he is well liked and the country is getting stronger. Under his rule, France has avoided international conflict. The economy is getting stronger. There have not been a large number of social crisis in France during his time. France is stable and the economy is strong. Sarkozy has done a good job.

  • Sarkozy Was a Good President

    Nicolas Sarkozy was an effective president for his country in many ways. While many people like to criticize him, he still made some great strides. His policies were sometimes effective in helping the people of his country, and none of these policies were terrible compared to his predecessors' different policies.

  • Too Busy with Carla Bruni

    Nicolas Sarkozy was too busy with Carla Bruni to make any difference to the French people. Every week there were headlines about how Bruni married Sarkozy less than two years after his wife left him as he was becoming president. Bruni, a playgirl in her own right, simply distracted the French a la Marie Antoinette's "let them eat cake." Instead of helping France get out of the Great Recession, Sarkozy was parading around his younger wife as a trophy for the French people to ogle.

  • Nicolas Sarkozy was not an effective president

    The presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy was plagued with scandal and it seemed as though he was spending more time denying he had or had not done something then he spent trying to work for reform and progress in France. His attitude and demeanor often belied the words in his speeches and he often did not practice what he preached. He was another political figure full of promises who was eventually loathed by the voters who so hopefully elected him to office where all his campaign promises turned out to be just pretty words on paper.

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