• He was anything but biased.

    Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was biased against Muslims, and any claims that he was are firmly rooted in ignorance and discrimination. The record shows that he reached out at many periods before and during his time in office to include the Muslim community. Any animus that developed between the Muslims and Sarkozy is their fault, not his.

  • Sarkozy was biased against Muslims.

    Nicolas Sarkozy was biased against Muslims, although some would argue not without reason. Islamic groups were responsible for several uprisings in suburbs in and around Paris during his presidency, a few of which caused riots and widespread damage. By cracking down, he was able to quell the violence and establish a baseline for acceptable conduct within his country.

  • Sarkozy Biased Against Muslims

    Unfortunately, Sarkozy did implement many policies that were biased against Muslims. It's an unfortunate event for the former leader, but his biases were fairly evident throughout his tenure. In the end, Sarkozy is no longer in power, and the more biased policies can be reversed or modified with relative ease.

  • Nicolas Sarkozy is not biased against Muslims.

    Nicolas Sarkozy is not biased against Muslims. Although he has taken a hard line against terrorists, that does not mean he is against all Muslim people. This is a difficult for Europe amid increased threats of terror. It is important for everyone to work together to fight prejudice against minorities.

  • Nicolas Sarkozy tried to work with Muslims

    Far from being biased against Muslims, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy actively worked to eliminate cultural and social discrimination against Muslims while he was in office. Among the things he did was attempt to amend their 1905 law on the separation of Church and State so that mosques and other Muslim institutions could also receive public funds.

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