Was Nicolas Sarkozy right to marry Carla Bruni while he was president?

  • Yes, this is France.

    We have to remember that this is France, where the latest leader did not even have to marry his first lady to have her recognized or divorce her to have her unrecognized. So Nicolas Sarkozy marrying Carla Bruni while in office was actually quite a traditional move for a European leader.

  • Yes, he has a life too.

    Yes, Nicolas Sarkozy was right to marry Carla Bruni while he was president, because public officers cannot put their lives on hold just because they are politicians. If Sarkozy wants to marry this person, there's nothing better about waiting until after his term as president. People understand that he has a personal life too.

  • Yes he was

    If Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to marry Carla Bruni and Bruni was okay with it, then I do not think it is matter that is a cause for much concern. People get married everyday and whether they are president or not, should not be a reason for them to be criticized for it.

  • It's their private business.

    The personal life of an elected leader is, to be as kind as possible about it, none of our business. Nicolas Sarkozy andCarla Bruni were right to get married when they did, because it was the right time, for them, as private individuals. What the public thinks about it doesn't mattter.

  • Recent French Presidents Are Too Busy With Women

    Nicolas Sarkozy, much like Francois Hollande, was too busy having sex with all the wrong people to do the French people any good. Sarkozy should have focused more on serving his constituents rather than trying to get married while in office. Everyone has the right to be happy, but Sarkozy's actions simply belittle the French people now that Hollande isn't much better.

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