• Nikita Kruschev was a effective

    Nikita Kruschev was very effective as an advocate for the interests of the former Soviet Union. We was not right in his views, but he did a good job for what he was suppose to do. He was a staunch defender of the Soviet Union under very difficult circumstances that he was in.

  • He backed the space program.

    Yes, Nikia Kruschev was an effective advocate for the interests of the Soviet Union, because he backed the space program. Kruschev was good for the public relations of the communist party, because he made people proud of their space program, and the things that USSR's communism had to offer. He was an effective leader.

  • I Think So

    I believe Nikita Kruschev was an effective advocate for the interests of the Soviet Union. I believe she was a great speaker and many people looked up to her for her experiences and authority. I believe her advocacy helped a great deal when addressing issues regarding the Soviet Union and its people.

  • Kruschev did not successfully deal with the USSRs problems.

    Regardless of whether a person agrees the reason for existence of the USSR was to better the conditions of the soviet people or to maintain and build an imperial USSR to destroy the capitalist system, in both cases he was ultimately unsuccessful. In either event, the people suffered, the system collapsed and no Marxist revolution occurred worldwide.

  • Started Road to Bankruptcy

    Nikita Khrushchev was horrible for the Soviet Union because his policies eventually led to the collapse of his country. Lots of spending during his administration led to poor working conditions for Soviet citizens. Instead of getting a solid education, students were fed to vocational schools in order to prepare kids to work in factories. Khrushchev wasn't an effective advocate, also, as evidenced when he pounded his shoe on the pulpit at the United Nations.

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