Was Nikita Kruschev's de-Stalinization campaign successful in helping the Soviet Union progress?

  • Ending the use of fear in public and political life

    - A success in the attempt of ending the use of fear in public and political life, Was to rehabilitate many of the victims of said terror
    o Many of the prisoners of the gulag labor camps were released
    o A new criminal code was established in 1958, Thus stating that citizens could no longer be tried by emergency / military courts
    * this showed that fear will no longer be used to run the party or the country

  • It led the way.

    Yes, Nikita Kruschev's de-Stalination campaign was successful in helping the Soviet Union progress, because it paved the way for the people in Russia to believe in something other than Lenin, Stalin, and their communism. Kruschev helped plant the seed to the people that a different kind of life was possible for them as a nation.

  • Kruschev Had to Destroy Personality Cult

    Stalin's personality cult had to be dismantled in order for the Soviet Union to move forward after his death. That being said, Kruschev personally benefited from the "de-Stalinization" program by using it as an opportunity to go after his own political enemies. But the truth remains that after Stalin, no Soviet leader ever took up a cult of personality along the lines that he did.

  • A small step forward

    The reforms were a small step forward that would ultimately culminated two and a half decades later under Gorbachev. A closed off attitude towards the West ultimately hindered Russia in every way, and has in varied ways for hundreds of years before Communism and Socialism was ever even dreamt up.

  • Yes, Kruschev's capaign helped the Soviet Union progress.

    I definitely think that Nikita Kruschev's de-Stalinization campaign was successful in helping the Soviet Union progress. I think that there are a lot of evidence to argue that his policies and ideas were crucial to helping the people of the Soviet Union. I also think that a lot of the Soviet Union's successes were due to him.

  • The State of Terror could no longer exists.

    Under Stalin's control, the Soviet Union became a state of terror where people would live in constant fear of purges. The USSR had special quotas for those that should be executed and for those who were sent to gulags. The gulags were special prisons which provided free labour force which was essential for the industrial progress of USSR. Cities such as Magnitogorsk were built by this free labour force. When Kruschev started de-Stalinisation, he got rid of the free labour force and the USSR was no longer capable of advancing industrially. Even though that his actions saved the Soviet people from slavery, his actions meant that the industrial progress made by USSR in the previous years will be now slowing down instead of accelerating

  • Erasing the influence of one leader in the Communist social structure was doomed to fail, due both to the deep and lasting effect of that leader on the system and the corrupt nature of that system

    Stalin had many years to engrave his legacy on the Soviet government. The fact that by the early 1990's citizens were still fearful of doing anything which made them stand out from the crowd is quite telling. There was no aspect of Soviet life that was not influenced by the simple fact that a single citizen could be taken away and worked to death for nothing more than the statement of an informant.

    The best that Nikita Kruschev could hope for was a face-lift, removing those most notoriously involved in atrocities under the leadership of the Stalin administration.

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