Was North Korea just a distraction so Iran (Al-Qaeda) could pursue terrorist activities in the U.S. and Canada?

Asked by: SVS
  • It's obvious with their agreement with Iran.

    North Korea agreed to distract USA by causing chaos in Asia so that Iran can keep pursuing nuclear missiles, and in return Iran gave Korea the technology for long-range ICBMs. I'm not sure about terrorist activity here in the west hemisphere, but North Korea definitely has a pact with Al-Qaeda and Iran.

  • Yes but for a different reason.

    I think North Korea was saber-rattling more for the following reasons.

    (1) Iran was under pressure from the European Union in nuclear negotiations.
    (2) Hugo Chavez's hand picked successor, Nicolas Maduro, was facing a tough election.

    It all comes back to the idea that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend.' These countries have one thing in common - an adversary in the United States. It is very naive to think that they are not coordinating their efforts along with other nations.

    And notice....No more talk about any of these countries. Coincidence??? I think not.

  • Absolutely Not, This Is Just Silly!

    North Korea is a country filled with starving citizens and a handful of crazy aristocrats. They have limited funds, don't feed their own people, and threaten other countries with 'nukes' to give their people the idea that North Korea is a world power.
    News flash, it's not. We've stopped talking about them because we've finally realized this, not because of anything else. I mean, Al-Queda? Seriously, they are two separate entities! Stop drawing lines on blank walls! This doesn't even make sense! Like our officials would forget about one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world because of a VHS tape.

  • There is no evidence.

    I do not think that North Korea orchestrates its actions in order to help Iran attack the US. I guess it is possible, but we'd need a lot more evidence to believe something like that. What would their motivation be for doing such a thing? What reason do we have to believe it?

  • No I do not agree.

    I do not think there is anything connection between North Korea and Iran. Although both countries are US enemies, I do not see them working together at all. I do not believe that Iran orchestrated any planned attacks through Korea. I really do not want any more tragedies from these two countries.

  • What is the evidence?

    Are you saying that North Korea and Iran are the same thing? How would this work, exactly? I suppose it is possible that North Korea and Iran are working together, but we don't have proof of that. We would need a lot more evidence before asserting that this claim is true.

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