Was Obama being blatantly racist and biased when he said his son would look exactly like Trayvon Martin?

Asked by: JustCheNo
  • Absolutely YES. The moron Obama was intentionally attempting to poison the jury pool.

    "If I had a son he'd look just like Trayvon". What kind of idiot in the highest office on the planet says that? And why? I wonder if Obama's imaginary son would be suspended five times from school for (1) Drug Use (2) Vandalism (3) Robbery (4) Assault on a bus driver or (5) A charge so serious it let to the family attorney sealing Trayvon's school record before the trial begins. What kind of inept idiot would try to poison the minds of potential jurors by making an asinine statement like Obama did.

  • Of course it was.

    Zimmerman should sue for defamation of character. It was a totally unwarranted statement from the highest desk in this land, made nationally at a pivotal time in his defense. I say it was calculated to be injurious.
    Did they teach you about inciting a riot Mr. President at those classes you supposedly attended?

  • Why Even Comment??

    There was no reason to comment on this case Mr. President. The only thing that he did was fuel the side that was already angry towards the outcome of this case. And really how was that anything but a racist comment, yes his son would of been dark skin, but the need to say he would of looked like Trayvon Martin, that was a bit over doing it. The President is suppose to be the best of an American and one that does not choose on such large issues, or if he does he keeps that to his closes people not to the entire world.

    Posted by: Rxan
  • Yes he was...

    If Obama had a son the only thing the son would have in common with Trayvon Martin would be race; so it was a racist remark for him to say that. As our president he needs to be more careful of his words and actions because the world is watching...

  • It was obvious

    He is a master of semantics. Of course it was deliberate, he can't be that stupid and not know what he said even before the trial, he is doing what he has been trying all along, and this time it just might work. Next martial law and a third term.....Just great! You all fell for it what a shame.

  • Colour makes a difference?

    Why would it matter what someone looked like regarding a death unrelated to racism! Obama made a huge mistake in his comment. It felt as if he was labeling race in the death and not anything else. Like violence or mischief! Definitely a hurtful comment to all other races. What does the way ur son would of looked have anything to do with this shameful

  • Not at all

    How can that be racist? Are all references to "so and so" looks alike reserved for white people only? If someone looks like someone else, then it is fine to say that two people look alike. It's just not ok to say that all "Black" people or "White" people look the same.....Unless you are not human to begin with.

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