• At least by association

    President Obama is guilty at least by association. Even if he never heard of the IRS doings during the elections (which would be either very surprising considering he receives agency reports every day OR very scary considering he is the President of the United States), it is his administration that brought upon the tyrannical IRS as we know it. The fact that he wants to hire 16,000 new IRS workers to enforce ObamaCare shows that he is not willing to do anything against the unconstitutional power of the IRS. He is guilty, at least by association.

  • I think he did

    Personally, I think he gave the order. Unfortunately, I can't prove this, but the first claim that only a couple of workers went rogue was destroyed. Could someone please tell me how many workers are KNOWN to have been involved? Whatever the number, I'm betting it has at LEAST two digits. And I'm not talking about having a 0 or 1 at the front. I'm thinking at least a 4.

  • He probably was.

    When he was asked "Did the white house know about the scandal taking place?"
    He answered: " I saw it on TV just like everyone else."
    He didn't even answer the question! So I can only believe that he was in some way told about it, but now he's covering it up.

  • Hi is president of the USA

    As head of the Executive Branch, who has been briefed by the head of the IRS several times over the past year, he very well knows or should know what is going on with the government he is elected to oversee. If he doesn't know they he is not fit for the duty he has been elected to serve and should be removed or better yet, remove himself from the duty for the good of the country.

  • The Buck Stops with Him

    Clearly the drones of the IRS would never implement such as criminal scheme on their own, without assurances that they would be protected. Not only did this scheme significantly interfere with the Republican ground game, keeping many conservative groups from rallying voters on Romney's behalf, the coverup kept the news of this from the public until after the election. This is criminal election tampering, nothing less.

  • Hard to fathom that he did not.

    His direct engagement would be a powerful illustration of his corrupted mentality. His unawareness is a proof his incompetence. Therefore, in either way, President Obama was involved. Nevertheless, many people do not hold much love for the tea party. Many blame tea party for the current gridlock on the Congress. Besides, media seems to be on the side of administration. That may partially explain why the scandal did not stir much anger.

  • Yes, he's a liar

    The scandal was obviously headed by someone much higher than local officials. Obama just keeps lying about not knowing the same way he's repeatedly lied to the American people on countless other issues like broadcasting healthcare on C-Span, returning troops from Iraq in his first year (the Bush SOFA deadline forced them to withdraw, Obama took credit for Bush's withdrawal), not opposing medical care for newborn children, closing Guantanamo, reforming the Patriot Act, bipartisanship, etc.

    His administration has been abusive and when a corrupt official gets caught he just moves them somewhere else. He did that to Rahm Emanuel, swapped him out for Bill Daley, the Daleys moved from the Chicago mayoral office to the White House and Emanuel became Chicago mayor. Now he's pulling the same trick, moving the IRS chief to head the implementation of Obamacare.

    Obama is a corrupt crook and those of us who are lifelong Illinois residents are aware of this. He used a team of lawyers to disqualify all four opponents in his first election in 1996 using technicalities in their petition signatures after the filing deadline, then had a corrupt judge dismiss the appeals, all so he could run unopposed without giving the voters a choice. In 2003 he struck a deal with the head of the IL Senate Emil Jones, asking Jones to make him a U.S. Senator, in a recorded conversation. Jones then appointed him head of the whole senate's high publicity legislation, giving bills other senators had worked on to his desk so he'd get credit. That's why all his top legislation was passed his last year in the IL Senate, 2003. In 2004, the Illinois media, probably through Jones' influenced, knocked both his opponents out of the race for him so he could run unopposed after they were leading in the polls; see Blair Hull and Jack Ryan.

    Obama as an Illinois Senator had also used present votes as part of a Planned Parenthood strategy to cover up the votes of Illinois senators opposing medical care for newborn children. As Pam Sutherland, head of the IL Senate, would put it as quoted by ABC News' Teddy Davis in "Obama abortion dodges blessed by Planned Parenthood":

    "What it did was give cover to moderate Democrats who wanted to vote with us but were afraid to do so" because of how their votes would be used against them electorally. "A ‘present’ vote would protect them. Your senator voted ‘present.’ Most of the electorate is not going to know what that means."

    Obama is a crook pulling the same tricks he has the last 18 years. Shouldn't have trusted a Chicago politician and a slick lawyer to boot.

  • The IRS is under the Executive

    The IRS is a part of the executive branch of government. President Obama, as the head of the executive branch, is indirectly in charge of the IRS. As the leader, President Obama is responsible for the activities of the agencies under the executive. While Obama might not have known of the scandal as it was happening, as the leader of the executive branch, he is involved in the IRS scandal.

  • The Emperor Has No Clothes

    Are you kidding me? This situation should anger every free citizen of his nation. You think he does not know. These are important men that meet with him all the time and he is very much aware of what is happening. Not only is this inexcusable this is CRIMINAL and even the most passive of citizens should be demanding a trial not a resignation. This is outrageous. I am so angry that this has happened to good people in our nation. I don't believe the president for one minute and you should not either. Its as if everyone has their head in the sand. Shame shame on the nation that does not stand up and yell.

  • Crazy conspiracy theories again.

    It's funny how conservatives vacillate between suggesting Obama is ineffectual and powerless to implying he is nearly omniscient. There is neither any evidence that Obama knew of the IRS profiling nor any reason that Obama would have known or involved himself with the inner workings of the IRS.
    This is just the ramblings of more conspiracy nutters convinced the evil liberal government is out to get them.

  • Tin foil hats assemble

    I'm sure Alex Jones has already ranted about how this is part of the governmental conspiracy to bankrupt all conservatives so they can't afford bullets and then break down their doors and beat them to death with their own guns, but come on. It's a stupid notion to begin with but if there was any legitimacy to it (which there isn't) he would have dragged his feet a little on addressing it.

  • Interviewees say no instruction or bias

    Nearly half of the IRS employees interviewed in the DOJ investigation are self-identified as Republicans. None stated any instruction by higher ups or personal bias against the political opponents of Obama or anyone else for that matter. Several liberal groups were also scrutinized. There is nothing at all that implicates Obama directly. If the head of that department loses emails and pleads the fifth, it likely implicates her in some kind of wrongdoing. The new head of the IRS is a moron as well.

  • This is a stupid question that has a simple answer: NO.

    There is no proof that the scandalous actions of some IRS workers and bosses extended to Barack Obama. All the investigation has uncovered is that some workers engaged in the intimidatory actions but not Obama himself and that the IRS changed tax law in 1959. Obama is at least clean of this scandal.

  • IRS Acted Alone

    I feel the same way most Republican Congressman feel, Obama was not directly involved in this scandal. The Tea Party didn't even have to file with the IRS, they could just go with it. Plus political based programs and such should not be tax exempt, liberal or conservative they are not exactly charities.

  • Here's a lesson America: The president doesn't control the IRS

    It is a little ridiculous to think that the IRS scandal was something that came at the direction of President Obama. Conspiracy theorists will see anything they want to see, and there are too many people who are too quick to believe completely unsubstantiated stories. The issue begins and ends with the IRS.

  • Tin foil hats assemble

    I'm sure Alex Jones has already ranted about how this is part of the
    governmental conspiracy to bankrupt all conservatives so they can't
    afford bullets and then break down their doors and beat them to death
    with their own guns, but come on. It's a stupid notion to begin with but
    if there was any legitimacy to it (which there isn't) he would have
    dragged his feet a little on addressing it.

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