• He has done more than we think.

    Before anything, bgold1212. "The majority of Americans did not vote for him, but he still had more votes than Romney and so he was elected" explain to me how that work, cause if he won the electoral and the popular vote how comes the majority of Americans didn't vote for him"

    Second, I'm not a huge fan of Obama but I don't vote because of race or anything. I do think his policies were better than Romney's. I mean Romney flip flopped so much it was hard to tell what he actually stood for. Anyway I got these little facts for you all: Under President Obama..

    Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was passed
    Nominated two women to the Supreme Court including the first Latina (he didn't need binders to fill these vacancies)
    Sep 20, 2011 End of don't ask don't tell
    CARD Act passed
    Stuent Loan Reform passed
    Raise of Pell Grants
    Wall Street Reform
    New START Treaty
    End of war in Iraq
    Osama bin Laden, dead
    The Recovery Act or Stimulus Package passed
    Affortable Care Act passed
    Expansion of the Post 9/11 GI Bill
    successfully fought to prevent student loan rates to double
    Nearly doubling wind, solar and geothermal energy since 2008
    Natural gas production is at all time high which supports 600,000 new jobs
    His investments in clean energy and energy efficiency have supported nearly a quarter of million jobs
    Enacted the largest expansion of land and water conservation
    With Obamacare young people can stay under their parents insurance till age 26
    47 milion women with private insurance can get mamograms with no copay
    Insurance pants are beggining to fully cover birth control without copay or deductables
    In 2011 alone, 3.6 million people with medicare saved $2.1 billion on prescription drugs. Average of $604 per person
    Medicare Advantage premiums are down by 16% since 2010 and enrollments is up by about 10%

  • Yes,Obama was re-elected for the right reasons

    It was due to 8 years of W’s policies! Was President Obama supposed to wave a magic wand and make 8 years of disaster go away over night? Besides, every time he tries to do anything to solve problems, the GOP, a criminal organization masquerading as a political party, fights him all the way no matter what he says. Their goal is to destroy the President with any means necessary to win in 2012. The needs of Americans are notat all important to that GOP.

  • The people wanted democracy, and that is what they got.

    I strongly believe Obama was reelected for the right reasons. America is already starting to look better at an economical stand point, and with four more years, it can only get better. Obama has the lower and middle class on his mind, unlike Romney, and I believe Obama is truly going to do good for this country.

  • I believe we voted for democracy

    to help the poor and disadvantaged AND to build an economy based on smart, educated and healthy PEOPLE. The democratic message to me was - invest in our people, not our corporations.

  • Reelected

    Yes, I think that President Barack Obama was definitely reelected for the right reasons. He needs four more years to prove to us that he is the right choice. He is more for the lower/middle class whereas Romney seemed he was only for the rich people. Therefore, many minorities and lower class people voted for Obama to see what he could continue to do for them.

  • no, he was not re-elected for the right reasons

    I believe that most of Obama's fan don't actually do their research before they vote. Many people make a decision of who they want to vote for without considering the effects. For example, with Obamacare, many businesses can't afford to buy health insurance for their employees, so the effect of that is, many people's jobs are being cut to part time and some people are being let go which means a higher unemployment rate. And he is making the wealthier pay higher tax which one of my problems with that is, I don't want to give all of my hard earned money away. Mostly illegal immigrants and poor people who don't contribute to our country rely on our money. Some of those people, not all, but some people are just too lazy to get a good education and get there own jobs. On top of that, some women just keep having babies when they can't afford them. Stop having babies if you can't afford your children. People need to think about the fact that some of your money is going to women so they can buy diapers and baby formula for their kids!

  • Who is to judge what the 'right' reasons are? welfare?

    People are not that intelligent. Most are completely ignorant of which policies each candidate stands for. Obama looks and talks the right way, so people support him and cast their votes. The majority of Americans did not vote for him, but he still had more votes than Romney and so he was elected.

    With regards to economic policy (I have a bachelors degree) the polls find this is the most important issue. Yet all economic indicators (unemployment rate, GDP growth, the federal deficit) point that Obama should have historically lost the election.

    The difference today is the government is larger than ever (and hence massive budget deficits). Obama has extended unemployment benefits, tax cuts, disability insurance, welfare etc. which enables poor people to temporarily live beyond their means. When measuring consumption, poor people are consuming more than ever before. The only isssue is these subsidies are not sustainable and Obama even admits taxes must increase. The problem is increasing taxes will lower economic output which lowers all of the taxable transactions and this will be insufficient in covering the deficit while also hampering already slow economic growth.

    Simply put, Obama thinks the government should be larger to help grow the economy. This has proven to be false, as the free market is always more efficient at allocating resources. He is wasting taxpayer dollars only to hinder the economy.

    If this was based on policies, Romney would have won.

  • Obama should not have been reelected

    Obama only got reelected because his opponent was not politically strong and he stood for the wrong things. He is only going to make us go more in debt and he is not effective with the way he spends americas money. He did not do anything in his first four years in office so whats to say he will do anything now to help change america for the better.

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