Was Obama right to agree to meet rogue leaders without preconditions?

  • Dont talk about it be about it??

    Without communication is there even a true point to war? At least make sure u know what ur fighting for! Never b afraid to ask a question, raise a hand or voice ur opinion! The comment below says all that needs to be said! I am not a supporter of violence bc it does not solve anything. It only causes more problems.

  • Communication is Better Than War

    Rogue leaders and rogue states deserve a chance for peace at all costs before war is the final solution. Even despots such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran should be talked with before military action happens. President Barack Obama is the head of state and can speak with whatever world leader he wants to, regardless of the position the dictator has in the global community.

  • Yes, communication opens the lines for progress

    I feel that Obama was right when he agreed to meet rogue leaders without preconditions because I think it is better to engage these leaders rather than continue year-old stalemate that accomplish nothing. It is much more likely that the U.S. achieves its international goals when the lines of communication remain open with the rest of the world, whether we are allies or not.

  • No he was wrong

    Obama was wrong in meeting rogue leader without preconditions because in many of these countries, these leaders are committing atrocities and it's deplorable that he doesn't take that into consideration. He should create a list of requirements that these 'rogue leaders' must meet, such as asking them to loosen their grip on the flailing economies or stop committing genocide, etc.

  • Meeting them on their terms.

    By setting up preconditions, it establishes that everyone has to play by the rules. If they have issues with those rules, perhaps they could be changed, but the point is, there must be rules for the meeting. Simply meeting them without any preconditions is meeting them on their own terms, and that weakens the US position.

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