Was Obama's first term the change America was hoping for?

  • Yes, to some degree.

    Had it not been for the passage of Obamacare, I would have to say no, but getting Obamacare passed was a huge cornerstone of the change Obama spoke of and hoped to implement. I don't think he succeeded in every way, but that is because of partisan politics and obstructionism by the republicans, the likes of which is only serving to hurt the American people (themselves included). But overall, Obama did realize a lot of the change America was hoping for. That diabetic child, for one, will now not be turned down insurance because of a pre-existing condition. This is a huge accomplishment, and characteristic of the country Obama envisioned and conveyed to a voting public.

  • No, it wasn't the change America was hoping for

    People thought he would bring everyone together regardless of political affiliation or beliefs on social issues. It was the same type of hope they had when Carter became president. In fact, the opposite is what happened. His first term created more division and hatred than this American has seen in recent times. No one is willing to come together unless it’s to degrade someone with opposing views.

  • Absolutely Not. I have never seen a worse president.

    Jimmy Carter was a better president than Obama. Obama has committed High Treason with the UN Gun Ban, an offense punishable by death. He is arrogant, ignores or ridicules anyone who disagrees. He and his supporters have never given me any reason to believe he has been an effective leader in any way possible. He has verbally come out as a extremist progressive, which is what we knew already. He bypasses congress constantly, has continued Bush's unconstitutional policies, and even taken them further with the NDAA, Syria, Libya, he is a crook. A pretty faced loanshark liar.

  • No It Wasn't

    Obama's first term did not deliver the change America hoped for. While some nice steps were made, we are still bogged down in heavy partisan politics, the economy continues to falter, and the future looks fearful. The country is still deeply divided and there doesn't seem to be a way forward to mend this situation.

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