Was Obama's second inaugural address a landmark moment for LGBT equality?

  • First inaugural use of the word “gay.”

    This is huge. Never in the history of our country has a president openly endorsed LGBTQ rights in a speech of this magnitude, if at all. This will undoubtedly go down as one of the biggest moments in American LBGTQ history. My only hope is that Obama can actually take some action on these crucial issues during his second term.

  • It was major

    Presidents don't tend to be that emphatic with what they think the issues are at inaugural addresses, and this particular topic they have never touched during one. Obama's speech angered a lot of people but frankly they're mostly people he shouldn't care that he's angering, the world has moved past the state of it that they still live in.

  • Yes, it was very important

    This is the first time that a sitting president has actually stated in a major national speech that all gay and lesbian citizens should have the ability to marry. It's such a hot button topic at the moment that most politicians shy away from it. The fact that at the very beginning of his term President Obama was willing to announce to the world that he thinks marriage equality is important points to a change in ideals.

  • Yes, it is a landmark event.

    In my lifetime there has only just recently become a community that would call itself LGBT. My gay brothers and sisters were afraid to identify themselves as such. To manage to go, in a matter of 40 years, from someone who had to hide their identity to a group that is openly acknowledged to have rights on a world stage is a tremendous moment. The gay rights issue has been submerged by government for years while society has become more accepting. Obama had the courage to bring it out as an unacceptable discrimination in our society, not in a private conversation, but right out in front of the entire nation. Now it is, like it or not, the White house agrees that these people have the same rights as all of us.

  • Yes

    President Obama has and will continue to get a large backlash from people who do not agree with homosexuality but his speech was a huge landmark for those within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. President Obama is unapologetic in his view and promotion of people who are in love to be able to get married regardless of their sex.

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