Was Obama's second inauguration speech better than his first?

  • Obama's second inauguration speech was better than his first.

    Obama's second inauguration speech was better than his first. He knew what issues were really important after he had spent some time in the office. He focused his speech on these issues and was able to ensure the public that he was able and willing to tackle these issues and get them resolved.

  • No it was not.

    Obama's second inauguration speech was not better than his first. It would be almost impossible for any president to have a better inauguration speech then the first black president's speech. His first speech gave the people of the United Stated of America much more hope then his secon speed did.

  • Yes, he seemed more determined

    Obama's first speech was already very good, in my opinion. But his second one showed a new side to the President. President Obama no longer has to worry about being elected again and is able to speak a bit more freely and I believe this speech showed that. Comments such as equality for all people of sexual orientations, for example, isn't the type of thing we would have heard in such straightforward terms in the first speech. Obama had more confidence in this speech and is moving forward more determined than ever, and that showed in his words.

  • Yes, Obama is more tempered.

    Obama's first inauguration speech was exciting. He had drummed up so much enthusiasm that our society could change and that people could have an impact on both government and their personal lives. This time around he was much more hardened in his beliefs and willing to express them. The second inauguration speech came from a man who realized it is not just a matter of wanting to do something, it is being able to actually do it. It seemed his second speech had less naive enthusiasm and more grit and determination.

  • Yes

    Yes Obama's second inaugural speech was better than his first. His first inaugural speech I feel was terribly delivered and it seemed like he was uncertain about what his upcoming position would bring him. It almost seemed scripted, like he was reading what someone else had written for him. The second speech, he seemed more confident in his abilities and knew exactly what he wants to do for this country, whereas the first one he seemed kind of clueless, seeing that it was his first time being president.

  • Yes, Obama's second inauguration speech was better than his first.

    Obama's first speech was guess work. He knew what he wanted to do and what he was elected to do, but he didn't know the true limitations of his new office. The second speech reflected those limitations as well as pushed those boundaries. He has gotten better all around as he gains experience.

  • No, it was met with less hatred but not better

    Obama's second inaugural speech was met with less hatred and ridicule then his first, but that does not mean it was better. The first time around everyone was listening and many people didn't like what he had to say so there were major issues. The second time everyone already knew what they were getting with him so those who would find the faults weren't really paying attention.

  • Obama's second inaugural speech was not better than his first.

    Obama's first inaugural speech was packaged within the celebrity of being America's first Black President, and he was able to just rattle off more open-ended promises to the fawning masses that chose to consume them. Frankly, it was quite an embarrassing spectacle to witness. Obama's second inaugural speech had him framed within the context of a weak first term filled with broken promises and poor leadership, at best. However, more empty promises were rattled off, along with plenty of excuses and finger-pointing, for the significantly fewer fawning fans to consume. And oh, how they seemed to love it.

  • No, the first was full of promise.

    No, Obama's second inauguration speech was not better than his first, because the first speech was full of hope. Obama's first inauguration was historical. People had big hopes for the country. When Obama's first term didn't work out so well, people were not as enthusiastic about the thought of a second term.

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