• Obama did not have much to do in this State of the Union, but it was good

    Obama had a pretty good defense of his policies. However, the speech was emotional and well-done. Obama, as a basketball player, knows his legacy needs to be defended. The speech was a good defense of his legacy. Michael Jordan has nothing on Barack Obama. This is the end of my argument.

  • Obama nails last State of the Union

    President Obama used his last State of the Union address to set out his vision for the United States. He appeared above partisan politics by not resorting to name calling. Furthermore, he accepted his share of responsibility for not improving the political atmosphere. Doing so, he appeared elegant, articulate, and presidential.

  • Yes especially in these times

    America needs more political leaders who conduct themselves in a similar manner to that of Barack Obama, Although his presidency has been marked by numerous missed opportunities with regards to certain domestic and foreign issues, we shouldn't forget that things are significantly better to what they were during the times of his predecessor. Basically his State of the Union speech served to sum up what many feel is the current predicament of the States and the divisiveness created by those on the Right.

  • President Obama's last State of the Union was great

    President Obama touched upon all relevent and important points in his last state of the union. Since it's an election year, he helped discredit Republican candidates, helped booster the Democratic candidates, and he reiterated all of the many accomplishments he and his office have achieved in the past 7 years. Additionally, he talked about what else he wants to get done in his last year, so yes his speech was good.

  • No. Not at all...

    The tone in the speech might sound uplifting, but it doesn't change the fact that it's a pathetic speech that ignores many issues that should be in there. I can't stand this guy when the fact he doesn't want to be in the real world by making his own fantasy of how America is doing!

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