• Yes, Absolutely For Sure

    Obi-Wan trained Anakin who became one of the most powerful Jedi/Sith of all time. He killed Darth Maul, killed General Grievous, survived two encounters with Count Douku, survived two encounters with Darth Vader, curbed Vader's power by burning him to death. Obi-Wan stayed undetected by the Empire for years. Led and trained Luke. Led Luke to Yoda. Had a big part in destroying the Empire. Sat on the Jedi Council. He really was a kick ass Jedi.

    Inb4 Yoda... Obi-Wan accomplished a lot more in Crunch Time than Yoda ever did. Yoda fought the Emperor once and gave up...

  • Yes he was

    He was a master swordsman who mastered the art of defensive fighting, was a nominal pilot and technician though grew to dislike piloting and never bragged about it by the time of him being Qui Gons apprentice. He showed deep loyalty to his friends but ultimately no matter what the council said his friends or the republic; he used his connection to the force to guide him and make his final decision and the pure original teachings of the Jedi code. He also was able to find something to joke about when in the most difficult and painful circumstances, but also never boasted about himself or brag in any way. He was known for stopping entire wars just by talking to the enemy and convincing them to end the fight just through persuasion which probably saved countless lives. Its why he was given the nickname the Negotiator. He spoke honestly about the importance of staying on the light side of the force and that when one falls to the dark side it is a sign of weakness in that person. He went through the same trials that Anakin faced (even with losing a woman he loved) and never allowed his emotions to get to him because he knew that acting irrationally could allow them to lose more lives in the end. He gave up his entire life for the greater good of the whole galaxy. He cared so deeply for others and his friends and often was seen as a father figure by bother of the Skywalkers. One of the coolest things though is that he had one of the biggest character developments. When he was a youngling in the Jedi temple he would act a lot like Anakin, wanting to just pilot ships, and was often acting better than everyone else, and had hardly any loyalty to the Jedi order. But after a lot of help from Yoda and soon enough Qui Gon Jin, he learned the importance of kindness, humbleness, and keeping connected to the light side of the force. This allowed for him to grow from then becoming a outgoing hard working padawan who was always willing to kick but and take names, to then the more reserved but still sassy general of the clone army who was known for showing compassion to others and his friends, to then becoming one of the most wisest Jedi who mastered being a force ghost and became the ideal model of both Patience and Compassion up until he sacrificed his life for luke and his friends

  • The most Effective Jedi

    He wasn't the best at anything, but was the complete package. While he may not have been an over welming dualist, he was able to best Darth Maul, General Grieveous and Anakin Skywalker. Survived 2 encounters with Count Dukku and went head to head with Jengo Fett and survided Order 66 when many so called stronger JEDI did not, Wise, Determined and Relentless, Obi Wan Kenobi was the consumate JEDI.

  • He was the ideal Jedi.

    I agree with all the other points already posted. I love Yoda and think he might be the most powerful Jedi but not necessarily the best. Obi-wan may not have been as powerful as some but he always came out on top. He waited until they made a mistake and then usually won the day. I think go the job done in the end. He's not the most talented or flashy but he's totally dependable. Yoda went and hid while Ben kept an eye on Luke. Lea knew to got find him not Yoda when the time came.

    Just a couple of thoughts.

  • He humiliates Vader... Twice.

    Let's talk about Obi Wan vs Vader:
    1) First fight: He takes the higher ground and warns Vader that he shouldn't even try. Vader tries (noob) and loses two legs and one arm (he had already lost the other arm btw). Then Obi Wan sits there watching Vader burn. Tells him he is a loser and then go away while Vader agonizes to certain death (before Palpatine coming to take what was left to make a cyborg out of it).
    2) Second fight: Obi Wan was tired of Vader not being able to defeat him (again). He sees that Leia, Luke and Solo were safe and heading home so he went like "cmon, Vader. Can't you even defeat me before those guys escape to give them some action? Just kill me, please, so I can finally be a force ghost and guide Luke via wireless connection." Then he just stays there waiting for Vader to strike. His body disappears and Vader stays there poking Kenobi's robe with his foot acting like a dumb kid.

  • Best Jedi ever.

    Obi wan is exactly how a true jedi must be. He suspected about palpatine and warned Anakin before anybody did in the jedi council. He tried to deal with Anakin as a padawan, a very stubborn apprentice, hard to manage. Is not his fault that Anakin sided with the dark side. It was in Anakin nature. And ultimately, Anakin sided for his obsession with Padme and his conception about bringing order throught an empire. And the vision he had was a vision about what was going to happen if he take the dark side. He wasnt intelligent enough to understand this. Not even yoda. But he never told it to Obi Wan. So Anakins fault is his own, nothing to do with Obi. Obi killed Maul. Killed Grievous. Almost killed Anakin in his rage state which i consider more violent than any jedi sith in the story. And he didnt kill him because of pity. And fpr many other things hes the best jedi. Not the best fighter or the best using the force but over all, the best and most complete and genuine jedi of all the movies.

  • Yeah, he was underestimated

    The Jedi seemed to have become somewhat of a political and dogmatic group, they had amazing force users however, and the Jedi council knew it, which is why he was appointed master. Most couldn't handle Anakin at all, he won amazing duels against a diverse set, force ghosted into the afterlife and communicated with it. He was exceptional.

  • Not the Strongest or Wisest, but the Best

    He wasn't the strongest, but being a Jedi was more than being a warrior and when judging someone as a Jedi you must see consider more than their martial skills.

    Warrior: Defeated Maul as a Padawan, then Grievous, and pre-burn Anakin/Vader.

    On the tv show he fought and survived numerous battles against Ventress, Maul, Savage Opress, and Sidious. He also cut off Opress' arm.

    Survived two encounters with Dooku (apparently the 4th or 5th greatest duelist of their time after Windu, Yoda, Sidious, and Anakin), and it is heavily implied that in their second duel that Palpatine/Sidious influences and weakens Obi-Wan to enable Dooku to incapacitate him. Re-watch Revenge of the Sith, you will notice that during the fight it cuts to Sidious both times right before Obi-Wan falls victim to Dooku's force attacks. 1. Makes sense because as everyone knows, the best way to become a Sith Apprentice and Master is to kill anyone holding that current position. And that Sidious' concocted this whole plan as a way to test Anakin. Allowing a fully powerful Obi-Wan to participate int he fight would render it pointless as it would prevent Anakin from proving his worth if they both fought him. 2. George Lucas indicated as much in interviews

    212 Jedi were at Geonosis andObi0wan was one of handful of survivors.

    Survived an encounter with Famous Bounty Hunter Jango Fett, who kills another Jedi Master at the end of Attack of the Clones before dying at the hands of Windu. It's hard to say he "won" that battle, but strategically it was a victory as he tracked him back to Geonosis and discovered Dooku's hand in the plot.

    Teacher: Yes, he was responsible for training Anakin Skywalker, one of the greatest Sith ever...But before that he was one of the most powerful Jedi, and he only took Anakin on because of Qui-Gonn's dying wish.

    You must remember he trained Luke too... One of, if not the greatest Jedi ever. Oda get's credit too, but I think Obi-Wan at the very least deserves an assist. He also guided him in his most desperate moments, when he destroyed the first death star, when he is stranded on Hoth, after he learns the truth of Vader from Yoda.

    Sidious also feared Obi-Wan's influence over Anakin and he only put his final plan into action after separating them. He also tried to get Anakin to abandon him at the beginning of Episode 3

    Force Power: Doesn't seem to have any exceptional power, except that he was one of the first to come back from Death, a rare feat for even the strongest masters

    Leadership: Decorated and famous general during the Clone Wars.

    Diplomacy: Known as the Negotiator showing his skills at diplomacy and settling conflict without violence. No one else has had that moniker to my knowledge in Star Wars lore.

    Honor: Sacrificed himself to save Luke and the rest of the group. Didn't seem to have many transgressions against the Jedi code.

  • Obi wan is the best!!

    He was the one to defeat mail, the first sith lord that was known to the jedi in a thousand years. Not to mention at the time he defeated maul, he was a PADAWAN! He was also one of the only people to face Darth Vader and defeat him. He was named the master soresou by master windu, and in some cannon comics, he could survive torture far beyond any other. That is why I believe obi wan is the best jedi ever

  • His beard is the reason

    Yoda and the rest just sat on comfy cushions while watching him do everything

    Plus his beard was so perfectly trimmed that his hair molecules would conjure up the force letting the force flow through further aiding him into be da best Jedi ever.

    To have a beard that good would require the most absolute mastery of the force in order to make it that perfect and to have that amount of Percision

    I bet his beard alone would be too much for even a lightsaber blow to get through easily
    Plus he's a nice guy and nice guys DO FINISH FIRST well at least I hope they do or else I'm forever alone just sobbing at home under neath my Death Star blanket obi wan robe and yoda slippers

    Plus he has the best name ever well actually second best mine is the best

  • Pretty much everything in the Star Wars universe is Obi-Wan's fault.

    He is partially responsible for Qui-Gon's death. I mean, the man JOGS casually to the battle with Darth Maul.

    The Death Star being built at all is his fault. He had a chance to kill Count Dooku, the man with the plans, but lost- to an extremely old and decrepit man.

    He treats Anakin like crap, patronizes him constantly, and only took him as a Padowan reluctantly. He could have stopped his fall to the Dark Side if he'd been any kind of mentor.

    He couldn't use his "awesome powers" to figure out Palpatine was the Sith Lord, despite being in the same room with him frequently. Admittedly this one is on the other Jedi Masters too.

    He is responsible for the end of the entire Jedi Order, since he could have just KILLED ANAKIN in his climactic battle.

    He lives on the same damn planet as Luke, yet never actually trains him. If Anakin was "too old" at nine to train, why the $#*^& didn't he train Luke? Yeah, it's not like he was the last hope of the universe or anything. Everything in IV, V, and VI that Luke goes through (having to leave the Alliance at a crap time to train with Yoda, leaving unprepared, losing his hand, etc) is totally due to his completely avoidable lack of training. Also, what the hell was wrong with training Leia? She have girl cooties or something, old Jedi's club?

    Despite being "one with the Force", totally leaves Luke to die on Hoth.

    Almost, through his systematic campaign of telling Luke how irredeemable and evil Vader is, kept Luke from "seeing the good in him", thus defeating the Emperor.

    Obi-Wan= d-bag

  • Obi-Wan cannot be the best of ALL TIME

    Master Yoda will hands down be the best jedi of all time. After all he did train almost the entire jedi order during his time, and since some one from the "yes" side pointed out, Not only did yoda survive his encounter against Count Dooku, a) Yoda trained Dooku, b) Yoda nearly whooped his ass if not to concentrate saving Obi-wan and anakin at that time. Also Yoda has defeated a whole of squad of droids without even drawing his lightsabers, and with his lightsaber he destroyed a freakin tank. Point taken?

  • Obi-Wan was certainly not the best.

    Sure, Obi-Wan was a pretty good Jedi. But he was defeated by both Count Dooku, whom Yoda defeated, and Darth Vader, whom Luke defeated. He did defeat Anakin and Maul, but Anakin was also defeated by Dooku. In terms of fights, Windu and Yoda come out as the top fighters, not Obi-Wan.

    So was his mentoring skill unmatched? I'm going to have to say no. Obi-Wan was a pretty awful mentor to Anakin, and apparently forgot the rebellious nature of Qui-Gon that got him into this situation in the first place. In fact, I would say his strict, rule-abiding nature and attitude were driving forces that brought Anakin to the dark side. If Qui-Gon had been the sole survivor of the fight against Maul, Anakin may have avoided becoming Vader.

    Now, as for other feats, he was quite great at surviving stuff. He's the sole survivor of the Maul fight, he managed to escape a brutl fight with Dooku without needing a prosthetic hand, and was one of the few to live through Order 66. His eventual death was a sacrifice for Luke and friends, which eventually enabled them to defeat the empire. He also mentored two of the greatest lightsaber wielders ever, and was mentored by a third.

    In the end, however, the cons deny him the spot of greatest Jedi ever. He forgot all of Qui-Gon's rebellious nature and was an bad mentor to Anakin, maybe even triggering his transformation into Darth Vader. And in terms of combat, he failed to Dooku whilst Anakin and Yoda succeeded. Yes, he's a good Jedi. But the best ever? I would campaign for Yoda there.

  • No he wasent

    Why because its first yoda obi wan is a good jedi but he cant be the best because he never would get the 100% of his capacity like joba Anakin was a good jedi only that gets on the darck side . Created by Angel amador thanks for your attention

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I find it odd that so far both columns are arguing for who is better at killing people with a lazer sword.