Was Occupy Wall Street a terrorist organisation? FBI says yes! Https://www.Democracynow.Org/2014/3/25/why_did_fbi_monitor_occupy_houston

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  • This smacks of Cointelpro to me.

    So american intelligence is once again acting as the political police to maintain the current social order. This doesn't surprise me but saddens me greatly.

    Other articles on the same release showed that the FBI considered the occupy movement as a terrorist suspect from day one and was coordinating with wall street about them.

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    So a non-violent, non-hate group is treated as a terrorist threat because they are justifiably angry that wall street created and blew up an artificial bubble in order to siphon money out of the common person's savings, sending the economy into a major recession.

    I would have thought such resources would be better used to find those who hatched the plot and put them into prison as a deterrent from recurrence. Instead the only ones who face jail time are those who had the audacity to steal from wealthy people. Makes no sense to me; but what do I know, I'm just one of the common people who needs to be kept in their place and hand over their wallet.

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