• Providing Insight To Corruption

    The Occupy Wall Street did not bring the top of society to it's knees like it's original intention, but it was still an effective movement. Awareness is so incredibly important to the general population, and up until this movement there was a severe lack of public care for the issue.

  • Absolutely, unequivocally ineffective

    Absolutely not! OWS was targeting the wrong people. Protesters should have been angry at the government, not the banks and businesses on Wall Street. Remember - It was the GOVERNMENT who provided the bail outs in the first place. Instead of bailing out the American people, the government decided to bail out their crony friends instead.

  • No, I don't think Occupy Wall Street was effective.

    I think overall Occupy Wall Street failed to organize into a powerful enough of a force to enact any substantial change of how Wall Street works, I think Occupy Wall Street blew it considering how much media attention it got, if they had been able to get legislation or regulations passed that would be a different story.

  • No, Occupy Wall Street was not effective.

    The simplest way to determine if Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was effective is to ask anyone what they accomplished. No one can give an answer. What is more frustrating, if you ask someone what OWS was trying to accomplish, they probably won't have an answer to that either. One of the characteristics that made the movement so attractive to those who endured the elements to camp in New York City was that there was no central leadership, and the movement could be about anything that you wanted it to be. Unfortunately, this is also the primary reason that OWS was not effective.

  • No, Occupy Wall Street was a failure

    No, Occupy Wall Street neglected to define a worthy goal. If the goal was to bring awareness to the fact that Wall Street has helped to create incredible income disparities and are using poor and middle class people to achieve that aim, then maybe one could say that they were successful. If the goal was to bring about swift and positive change and more transparency on Wall Street and financial institutions, the effort fell miserably short.

  • Although I wish it was

    I was a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street protest when it first started out. I was hoping that it would have an impact on how the financial industry interacts with America. Now looking back I am starting to think that it wasn't effective because nothing has changed in the few years since it first started.

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