• Yes, because Opie and Anthony's "Sex for Sam" was not illegal.

    Opie and Anthony's "Sex for Sam" stunt was not illegal under either New York state or federal. Since the parties were full dressed the public lewdness charges were dropped and one count of disorderly conduct plea bargained (no jail, $250 fine). The FCC case is still pending with two different federal court siding with the First Amendment claims of the show and radio station. The real question that should be address is the political influence of the Catholic Church.

  • Yes it was

    Yes, I believe that his stunt was sanctioned by law, and since it was fake and for the people to just get fans to watch, it was an alright thing to do. I think that a lot of famous people can get away with a lot of stuff, just from popularity.

  • Sex Not Allowed In Public Places

    All though, many people probably do it in public places. They normally do not broadcast it, because they do not want to be seen or caught. There are laws in place stating that you can not be in exposed in public It is a pretty serious offense if convicted. They can label you as a sexual predator. So having sex in public places and broadcasting it on the air seem to fit that bill.

  • No, it wasn't fake

    On the other side of the page are some comments indicating that there was no real sex and everyone was fully dressed. Absolutely not true. Maybe some of them faked it but not at the Carnegie Deli according to it's owner nor the man who caught them in St. Patrick's. At the Carnegie Deli, at least, those people deliberately targeted unwilling observers and if the truth be told, there had to have been observers of all ages in some of these places.

  • No, I don't think so.

    The Sex for Sam stunt wasn't sanctioned by law. How can one possibly get a stunt like that sanctioned at all? No, they are edgy people and they simply went ahead and did it. Opie and Anthony have dealt with a lot of fire, and they do not ask the law to sanction anything.

  • Nothing legal about Opie and Anthony

    Opie and Anthony's "Sex for Sam" stunt was not sanctioned by law. These two radio DJs are basically comedians and they frequently pull stunts to keep their audience engaged and tuning in. This stunt was simply a way to get more attention and more possible viewership for their satellite channel.

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