• Yes he was.

    Yes, Oral Roberts was fraudulently using church funds for personal purposes. There is plenty of evidence that Oral Roberts was using checks for his personal use. If he were not guilty of this, then there would not be all of these questions and controversy around Oral Roberts at this time.

  • Oral Roberts was crooked.

    Oral Roberts represents corruption within the church. There can be some argument that he didn't represent a church so much as a religion, and he had a right to his congregation to show how God had blessed him with the house and cars. I would contend that the bible specifically says to live humble.

  • People just wanted to bring him down.

    No, Oral Roberts was not fraudulently using church funds for personal purposes, because there was no evidence that it was happening. The people who made the allegations just wanted to say something, anything, because he is a very well-respected pastor and other than that, people don't have anything bad to say about him.

  • not at all

    no, i do not think that he was using these funds in an attemt to hurt the church. i think that he was accused of a crime that he did not do, and that we need to make sure that a person is for sure guilty before we accuse them.

  • No, I don't think Oral Roberts fraudulently used church funds for personal purposes.

    There were numerous investigations of Oral Roberts of how used the church funds and all of the investigations never concluded that there was clear evidence that he was using church funds for personal purposes, he may have lived a lavish lifestyle and used questionable fund raising methods but overall I don't think he was purposely trying to commit fraud.

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