• Yes he was

    Osama Bin Laden really was killed in Pakistan, and the most obvious proof is no video of him from Al-Qaeda claiming he's really alive has surfaced. If you're an Alex Jones style conspiracy theorist, then you probably can rationalize that away with some grand conspiracy, but it's simply not true.

  • Yes he was the

    Of course he was killed hundreds of dollars aren't just pump into ops like this one for no reason and if he was not killed then his terrorist group would be a lot stronger and we would have not found all the the intel that had found in the raid

  • Yes, bin Laden is dead.

    Yes, I believe that Osama was killed in Abbottabad like the White House stated. I know that many conspiracy theories around the subject have been given credence due to the fact that his body was buried at sea, but they theorists don't realize that burying the body anywhere on US soil would put us at risk.

  • The conspiracy theorists might say no, but...

    I think that something like the death of Osama bin Laden was too significant and too large of an event to be able to smuggle him out of there alive. Everyone involved was quite sure that he was dead. Besides, having him alive would allow for a big show trial, so I don't think there is even any benefit to pretending he is dead if he is not.

  • Osama bin Laden was killed in Abottabad

    Yes, Osama bin Laden was killed in Abottabad. They stormed inside to secure the terror chief’s hideaway room by room, with head cameras relaying the action to the President and the director of the CIA, Leon Panetta, who was overseeing the operation at the agency’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Following the shootout with Bin Laden, his body was carried out and taken away in one of the helicopters. Three men, including one of his sons, and a woman, who tried to act as a human shield to save him, were also killed. Other unidentified males who survived were flown from the scene, while four children and two women, including Bin Laden’s daughter Safia, were taken away in an ambulance. It is believed his youngest wife Amal al-Sadah was also taken into custody. After the raid, blood covered the floor of one room inside the sprawling house. In another room that held a small kitchenette, broken computers could be seen – minus their hard drives.

  • Yes, Osama bin Laden was killed in Abottabad, Pakistan

    Osama bin Laden was shot and killed by U.S. Navy Seals inside his fortified compound in the Pakistani military town of Abottabad during a night raid. Intelligence officials eventually tracked bin Laden to the compound in Abottabad, which he was believed to have taken refuge in over four years ago. Osama bin Laden and a number of his followers were killed during a stealth operation ordered by President Obama.

  • OBL was a Fiction, fictious character to be killed.

    OBL never lived anywhere other than his home country Yemen and he died very young among, other siblings, he had 49 look alike siblings. The idea came from Sudan when the Americans were helping France to capture Jackal. Same story, different day, nobody was killed on May 1st, 2011. Obama lied, so did Bush about Tora Bora and so did Cheney about 9/11 not being an 'Inside job'. Investment Bankers did 9/11, not any Muslim Radical.

  • A phony attack

    The government is not telling us what the real story behind 9/11 is. It doesn't take much to see that the attack was an inside job. 3 buildings fall at free fall speed, the only logical explanation being, they were wired with explosives. The PA crash as reported was a lie (debris spread for miles). And it's obvious no plane could have made the small hole in the Pentagon. A bunch on amateur pilots could never have flown those planes with such Blue Angel maneuvers. So who took down those buildings? Not Bin Laden. So the whole search for Bin Laden was a bunch of phony baloney. Pinning this on Al Queda was a bunch of phony baloney. The real terrorists sit in fancy offices and board rooms and have anglo and Jewish names. Bin Laden's death was staged.

  • He was already dead

    He was diagnosed with a degenerative kidney disease in 2000. The doctors gave him 3 to 4 years to live. He was on dialysis and medications and would not have possibly survived beyond 2004-5. He was long dead before the raid on Abbottabad. There were no medicines or equipment found.

  • A conspiracy theory

    Body of saddam hussein and his sons were held in custody for like 10 days but osama's body disposed within the night? Osama the most wanted terrorist offered no resistance? A person like that would have preferred suicide to death. Four years without personal interaction with the world?

  • Not enough evidence

    Why in hell would the body be dumped? What a perfect way to hide a major f-- ck- up! Somewhat irregular you would think. Now there is absolutely no way to prove he is dead. Maybe he will show up alive and then won't all of us westerners look just a bit foolish!

  • No I don't think so

    I believe he died long long ago, it was just hidden from the public to keep the war ruse going longer. If you look at some of the videos alone, you can see a change at some point in the person portrayed in them. The older ones are Bin Laden, but the ones later are not. That alone would suggest he died, as there would be no reason for a stand in in effect if the real Bin Laden was still alive. So no I don't think Osama was really killed, I think he died years ago, he had been sick as it was anyway from what I understand.

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