Was Oscar Pistorius Faking Sickness at His Trial to Gain Sympathy?

  • Someone show me the puke? I just see his hands over his mouth and then a bucket. I think he is trying for sympathy

    I just see his hands over his mouth and then a bucket. I think he is trying for sympathy , he was being filmed the whole time, why can't I see the vomit, its fake! He is a lier and is desparate , even when he speaks it sounds like a school play, putting on a child's voice to look innocent

  • What a show!

    Oscar is a narcissistic person with absolutely no respect for women. In his mind women are objects he can control. Typical of many South African men. He has a possessive and controlling personality. I was married to someone like him and know all the moves they pull. To the outside world they seem to be great people, but to the people close to them they are monsters. Totally absorbed with themselves. It is all about what they want. His emotional outbursts are self-pity. He is feeling so sorry for himself and will go through any lengths to try and convince people that he is the victim in all of this.

  • Totally playing the world

    He's trying to win sympathy votes with the public and judge alike. Who on earth would fire on an intruder that has locked himself in the bathroom? Who gets out of bed in the middle of the night and doesn't notice their partner is not in the bed next to them???????

  • Yes, he's a fake.

    Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend and was convinced that his celebrity would protect him from being prosecuted and convicted. Thankfully, many are seeing through this facade that he is putting up, including the faking of illness at his trial. It is to gain sympathy or to provide a distraction because he has those disabilities.

  • This issue is an irrelevant red herring

    Because physiological symptoms of stress can be extreme. It is not weird or surprising that he reacted in this way. What everybody really wants the answer to is 'what was her reacting to?' Was it the gruesome reminder of that night? The body shock of his awful mistake? The reality of his current situation? The possibilities are myriad and yet everyone is focussing on something that we will never really know the answer to. If a policeman vomited at the scene of a brutal crime, no-one would think that this was unusual even though they have years of training. Yet here is a man who is clearly traumatised for understandable reasons, regardless of innocence or guilt. Grown men vomit at the sight of needles or a baby being born. To try to work out if this is genuine is a wild goose chase and proves nothing at the end of the day. The prosecution are amazingly astute and are not going to allow dramatic physiological reactions to sway them from their case. That is why they make sure that they leave no stone unturned and cleverly manipulate everything to fit the picture that they are trying to paint of him. And so they should; it's their job.

  • Oscar Pistorius was not faking illness

    Faced with the brutal truth of his actions, Oscar Pistorius was genuinely sick during his trial. Sympathy for his actions would not be gained by simply throwing up and his attorney would've given him guidance on how to act during the trial. Just because he was remorseful doesn't mean he is innocence.

  • It is sickening.

    No, Oscar Pistorious was not faking sickness at his trial to gain sympathy, because vomiting is something that it is hard to do on purpose. Even if he killed her, he could have vomited just because the pictures are graphic, or because he does not like what the consequences will be.

  • It Is Doubtful

    I do not believe Oscar Pistorius was faking sickness at his trial to gain sympathy. I believe his reactions could easily be in line with a person that accidentally shot his girlfriend or a man that purposely killed in girlfriend and then later regretted it. This isn't a case of, did he do it, to me. It's more about rather or not he deserves punishment.

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