Was Oscar Pistorius's break down at his murder trial sincere (yes) or a calculated attempt to gain sympathy form the jury (no)?

  • Even my baby born yesterday knows pistorious is not guility.

    This man has suffered enough, you who,s life is spotless cast the first stone. It was a mistake. We should forgive as the lord forgave us that we shall not be condemned when judgement comes. He has showed remorse. Years back my aunt and uncle were shot dead knowingly, we forgave but nature took its course.

  • He is guilty and a narcissist. His actions were designed to elicit sympathy for himself.

    Narcissistic people like Oscar are master manipulators and liars. They also have no empathy for others and only care for themselves. His actions were aimed at manipulating the judge and the only regret he felt was for himself at being caught. He "cried and wailed" at his trial but was going out to nightclubs and partying at night.

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