Was Peter O'toole introducing rubber saddles in to Middle Eastern culture a good thing?

  • Yes, it was.

    I believe this was a good idea. It was good of Peter O'toole to introduce rubber saddles in to Middle Eastern culture. This is because the rubber saddles are better off. Even if it wasn't a part of their culture, the will surely embrace it and make good use of it in the long-run.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Camels caused several problems on set. O'Toole was not used to riding camels and found the saddle to be uncomfortable. While in Amman during a break in filming, he bought a piece of foam rubber at a market and added it to his saddle. Many of the extras copied the idea and sheets of the foam can be seen on many of the horse and camel saddles. The Bedouin nicknamed O'Toole "'Ab al-'Isfanjah", meaning "Father of the Sponge". The idea spread and to this day, many Bedouins add foam rubber to their saddles.

  • Yes, it was a good thing for Peter O'Toole to introduce the Middle East to rubber saddles.

    The main form of transportation in many countries that are not very developed is horses or camels. When riding a camel or horse for a very long time, it can become uncomfortable. With the introduction of the rubber saddle it helped many people ride their animal longer than they had in the past. I think it was good to introduce the rubber saddle to the Middle East.

  • No, it was not.

    People rode camels for thousands of years before a cushy, Hollywood westerner introduced rubber padded saddles, something that western horse riders don't use. This was bad for the rubber trees, as it created a demand where there was none, and contributed to an envriomental disaster. It had little positive effect.

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