• "Peter Pan Live" was great fun.

    Last night's performance of "Peter Pan Live" was a fine example of an excellent stage performance. The vocals and choreography were top notch. Allison Williams did a fantastic job portraying the boy who didn't want to grow up and Christopher Walken lived up to his reputation of always being the "wild card".

  • Yes, It is good.

    I saw peter pan live a couple years ago with a friend and her mom and I have to say it was awesome. I recommended it to pretty much everyone I saw for the next couple of days and gave me a whole new view on live movies. I loved it.

  • Allison Williams uplifts Peter Pan Live

    A stellar performance by Williams keeps you glued to your seats for the rest of the night. Williams is complemented by Christopher Walken who true to character was predictably unpredictable. Everything was just right about the play thanks to the technicians involved in the back-end. The enactment of the songs especially are definitely worth a look-see.

  • It was pretty bad

    I don't even need to watch it ti know it was horrible. Allison Williams just ruined Peter Pan, such a disgrace. Peter Pan Live was a total failure in every way possible. I never knew a film could be this "horrible", but wow I was wrong.

    JDogMoney Out.

    And You're Welcome.

  • Peter Pan Dead

    I was excited about "Peter Pan Live", but boy was I not expecting it to be so bad! The costumes and makeup looked like a bad Disneyworld live show. Christopher Walken was grossly miscast as Captain Hook. Allison Williams was creepily enthusiastic and the whole thing just did not play very well. Better luck next time.

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