Was Philip Seymour Hoffman as talented as the media makes him out to be after his death?

  • Absolutely, the man was an outstanding actor.

    Of course, that's not to say the media isn't having a great time embellishing everything he did. It helps their ratings, so it's not like they're doing it entirely for his sake. That's common to happen after someone, especially an actor or artist, passes away. That said, Philip Seymour Hoffman was a great talent, and this tragedy was a sad opportunity to reflect on how talented he really was. I think he had a charm and demeanor that came natural to him. The media, though embellishing his life, isn't making anything up. He really was as great as they say.

  • He was very talented.

    Philip Seymour Hoffman was very talented. Much of his work wasn't really my type, but he was good. The media is simply reporting on his work and how well it did in the time since his death. There would be no reason to make him appear more talented than he was.

  • A lot of fans

    Yes, Philip was as talented as the media made him out to be after his death. Even while he was alive, he was in a lot of very good movies and shows, and had a very large fan base. He was a great actor, and the media did not exaggerate.

  • Not as appreicated

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman was an incredibly talented actor, and people might think that the media is only saying this because he died of a drug overdose before his time. Hoffman was an understated actor - he was not Hollywood good looking, which makes people less likely to care to remember him, but he was incredibly talented.

  • Hoffman Was Talented

    Despite his issues with drug addiction, Philip Seymour Hoffman was absolutely a talented actor. He had a bright career in Hollywood, and he could have done a lot more in the coming years. It's a tragedy that he died from a drug overdose recently because such events are often avoidable.

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