• The Best Captain

    Picard would always try to avoid a conflict if possible. He also valued the opinion of his crew a lot more, hence the observation room meetings in almost every episode. He also was played by Patrick Stewart, so that's another +10000000 awesome points. And he was also very fit for a guy in his late 50s. Kirk was definitely cool, but he would honestly make a better first officer to Picard's captain, with his good instincts and Picard's leadership.

  • Only by a little.

    I definitely preferred Picard's leadership style. He seemed to have more respect from his crew most of the time. That's not to say Kirk was a poor captain or anything -- just that Picard was better in terms of leadership, as he was more rational and took other opinions into account. Kirk on the other hand was obviously an active leader who simply went with his gut feeling to solve problems.

  • Kirk is 10 times better than picard

    On they have one hundred reasons why kirk is better.I'll give you 20
    1. When Data died, Picard had a funeral. When Spock died, Kirk reconstituted the body, forced it’s soul back in, and even got him laid along the way.

    2. When Picard senses that Wesley is having emotional problems he sits down and talks with him about it. When Kirk sensed that Charlie X was having emotional problems he took him to the gym and threw him around on the mats until he got over it.

    3. When Picard went back in time he brought back Data’s head. When Kirk went back in time he brought back a blonde.

    4. Picard’s Enterprise was destroyed by a couple of Klingon chicks while he was stranded on a desert planet. Kirk’s Enterprise was destroyed when he blew up a crew of Klingons, stole their ship, and resurrected Spock from the dead.

    5. Kirk has caused computers to self-destruct by out-thinking them on three separate occasions.

    6. When Picard was in the Academy he got stabbed in the heart. When Kirk was in the Academy he beat the unbeatable Kobyoshi Maru scenario and bagged Carol Marcus in his spare time.

    7. When Sisko met Picard he told him he hated him. When Sisko met Kirk he got his autograph.

    8. Kirk does not play the flute.

    9. Picard is from France.

    10. When Picard has a problem he talks to Guinan about it. When Kirk has a problem he shoots it.

    11. When Kirk screams it echoes across the entire planet.

    12. When Kirk blew up the Enterprise, Starfleet built him another one and had it ready by the time he got home.

    13. Kirk collects antique guns. Picard collects antique matrioshka nesting dolls.

    14. Kirk chastises omni-powerful super beings for not being polite to women.

    15. Kirk sword fights someone on a regular basis.

    16. Kirk’s Enterprise did not have a day care.

    17. Kirk once ordered Scotty to fire a photon torpedo on his position and then he dodged out of the way so it hit the alien he was fighting.

    18. Kirk has a violently deadly disease in his blood but he doesn’t let it slow him down any.

    19. When it’s time for shore leave Kirk goes rock climbing and drinks whiskey. Picard wears nut smashing banana hammock speedos and reads by the pool.

    20. Picard’s name is known and respected throughout Klingon space. Kirk’s name is cursed and vilified.

    Also in the movie, Chris Pine is better than whoever played Picard and i don't like Chris Pine

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