• No Artist comes close

    Picasso's sheer genius comes through every work that he ever produced. It is like being hit with a sledge hammer over the head. Picasso's versatility and sheer output put him heads and shoulders above the rest. Look into his eyes and run away in fear. His massive intellect comes to you as a tornad on the horizon.

  • He was the Greatest

    I chose Picasso because I like his artwork. I think it they all have meaning but there quite odd if you know what I mean. He broke the “rules” and was one of the first artists to do so. His painting the geurnica was a tribute to the people who died in the horrible massacre

  • He was the Greatest

    I chose Picasso because I like his artwork. I think it they all have meaning but there quite odd if you know what I mean. He broke the “rules” and was one of the first artists to do so. His painting the geurnica was a tribute to the people who died in the horrible massacre

  • Picasso greatest artist ever, he broke rules and started new forms of art.

    He was radical, he created an entirely new form of art along with Braque. He broke the rules, he experimented, he painted what was beautiful and interesting. He painted with unmatched energy. He could paint like the masters by the age of 15. He taught the world that art did not have to be real although he could create that way if he chose to. He painted up till the night before he died at age 91. He excelled in more than just painting, he was a great sculptor as well as draftsman. Picasso expanded on numerous art forms and is without question the most talented artist in history along side Michelangelo.

  • Picasso Was Great But Maybe Not the Greatest

    I feel that it is unfair to compare the great artists of the past to one another. They were all outstanding in their field and have certainly earned their place in history with their talents. There have been many artist since their time and who's to say that one of them may become as well known one day.

  • Yes he was

    Yes, I believe Picasso was the greatest artist of all time. The reason behind my beliefs is that he was a very outgoing and character driven artist. He put himself out there, knowing he may or may not be judged on his work, and by his personality flaws. His artwork was magnificent. He proved that even though people are a little bit crazy, there are some good crazies out there too!

  • Picasso Was Good But Not the Greatest

    Though Picasso was an outstanding artist as well as one of the greatest, I don't believe he was the greatest of all time. There are so very many artists worthy of that title. It would be difficult to determine which one was the greatest of all time. Still today, there are very many artists contributing to this field. I would like to think that we can't possibly categorize by the greatest of all time.

  • Culture is created and controlled, not from the grassroots, but from the top of the social pyramid.

    In Plato's 'Republic' he states that all art must be controlled by the state. Many of us are, today, aware that the mass media is totally controlled by a few (maybe one?) hierarchical entity. Extrapolated; we find that modern western society is very closely controlled even down to the thoughts and memes given to us by our 'masters' - they would prefer to call themselves our 'owners'. Well, we are now in a disintegrative social process, as you may have noticed. This controlled process of demoralization and degradation is logically accompanied by a parallel degrading of art. Clearly Pablo was capable of great figurative work but he was co-opted and recruited to the cause of the social dissolution. What does "pushing the envelope" mean? And why would anyone sane person support that? We have been sold a pig in a polk with 'modernism' which has been used to uglify our social and personal environments to the virtual exclusion of any uplifting, humanising works.

  • An innovator, but there have been many

    Picasso contributed enormously to the emergence of modern, including abstract, art. He sought to free art from familiar, natural notions of form and composition by conveying several dimensions and perspectives simultaneously and combining images with emotions at a subconscious level. Many of his major works are very powerful as a result. But he was incredibly inconsistent over time, failing to build his vision into a clear and new aesthetic beyond the domain of illustration. He did not make the fullest use of his cubist and angular approach, focusing mainly on line and color. There is no such thing as "the greatest artist." All great artists contribute to the expression of the human condition in different ways. If I had to choose another great artist who did this extremely well, I would pick Rembrandt. But "greatest artist?" It's a silly question, really.

  • Not even close

    Just as a note, i'm not a fan of abstract art. I think its stupid and takes no artistic ability. Picasso's art shows absolutely no artistic skill at all. Look at surrealist paintings by someone like Dali, even his paintings show that if he were to paint something as realistically as he could it would be good but Picasso is complete garbage when he paints both realistically and abstractly.

  • No not as good as early Italian artists.

    Picasso was a great artist and was well praised. He however falls short of the greatest artist of all time. Look at some of the works of the early Italian artists. Just visit Rome and you will quickly see that Picasso falls well short of being the best artist ever.

  • No, although great, he wasn't the greatest of all time.

    Pablo Picasso is definitely an immense figure and great artist of the 20th century but he is not the greatest artist of all time. Consider other famous artists: Claude Monet, Leonard da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Sir Thomas Lawrence, Rembrandt, Michelangelo or Donatello. All of their work is perceived by many to be great, but no one could give a quantified and objective reason why one was greater than the other.

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DrJivalPandit says2014-06-08T17:37:05.860
Picasso as an abstract artist was right for his time. No doubt about it. Surely one of the most talented artists on the planet (alive today) is the British micro-artist known as ‘The Hands of Genius.’ He lowers his heart rate to 20 beats a minute with the aid of tablets, then engraves between heart-beats when he is perfectly still, to create masterpieces smaller than a red blood cell. I accept that appreciation of art is in the eye of the beholder, and many would put Picasso and the like on a pedestal, but skill and talent must never be in question when judgement is made. I am a collector of micro-art and I can say without doubt that the work of the 'Hands of Genius' has never been, and never will be equalled.