• Yes it was

    yes, I think that his idea of how to run a nation the right way was way off, and that the nation suffered a whole lot from this. I think that he needed to change things up a lot so that all of the programs they had would maybe work.

  • Good For Canada

    Given the activities of Pierre Tudeau during his time in political office I would have to say that his federalism was not detrimental to the welfare of the provinces. He did favor the federal government when dividing up the wealth from the oil on the plains but I would say his policy was fair and he upheld the federal government again when Quebec was seeking independence.

  • He sounded ahead of his time

    Pierre Trudeau was a lawyer in his early years. He seemed to use his knowledge of law to help him Govern the country of Canada. He helped with issues on abortion which were controversial, as they always are. He also was for gay rights, which was very controversial at that time. He created the Officials language Act that allowed English to be used in Canada. It was not all good though, as Canada ended up with high inflation which cost him his bid for reelection.

  • "Reason before passion"

    No, Pierre Trudeau's federalism was not detrimental to the welfare of the provinces, because he correctly thought that federalism was in conflict with socialism. Trudeau used the motto "reason before passion," and he thought that states did not need to be independent of each other in order to still enjoy the right to self-determination. This was beneficial for the welfare of the provinces.

  • No, He supported a decentralized Canadian political system

    Pierre Trudeau fought for a united Canada . Social welfare programs expanded .With nationalism and separatism growing in Quebec, Pierre Trudeau argued for a renewed federalism, and he began to consider Pearson gave Trudeau the principal seat at the federal-provincial.It didn't give Québec the powers it required to develop a welfare state.

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