• Yes it was successful

    Yes, I think that Plan B for John Boehner was successful, and has helped him to continue to get re-elected. Mr. Boehner needed all the help he can get in order to remain as Speaker as the House, and using the Plan B route helped him to find a new way to be known.

  • Plan B Failed Boehner

    Unfortunately, Plan B wasn't successful for John Boehner. He had to give far too many concessions to the Democrats and weakened the Republican Party's stance on these issues. With that in mind, Plan B should have been avoided altogether. Boehner needed to put up a bigger fight on these issues.

  • Nothing works for John Boehner.

    Nope, Plan B hasn't been successful for John Boehner. It's a miracle that he's been able to hold on to his job as Speaker Of The House for as long as he had. He's seen as too liberal by the nutbag Tea Party types in his party, and too conservative by the moderates. He will never be allowed to succeed.

  • Then the Shutdown Happened

    Things were going great for Speaker of the House John Boehner, and then the government shutdown happened in late 2013. Conservative GOP members like Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas filibustered legislation that prevented Congress from doing anything about it. Republicans, and Boehner in particular, may be in danger of during November's mid-term elections.

  • It was not.

    Plan B was not successful for John Boehner. If it was successful then John Boehner would not have pulled the bill off of the floor without even putting it to a vote. He knew that it would not get the support that it needed and pulled it off of the floor.

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