• Yes, Lyle Jeffs was kidnapped

    The saga of Lyle Jeffs is disturbing on many levels. He recently escaped custody in June after being released from jail. Now it is likely that he was kidnapped. It is obvious that he is receiving some assistance to avoid legal prosecution. His fugitive status along with his many followers make a dangerous combination.

  • No, he escaped.

    The polygamist leader Lyle Jeff was not kidnapped, the guy has a criminal record so he escaped. The FBI says that Mr. Lyle has a support network in Utah, the United States, Canada, Mexico and other places. He escaped to avoid being tried for food stamp fraud and money laundering.

  • Not sure, but it wasn't the rapture.

    I’m not sure whether someone kidnapped him or not, but he most definitely did NOT get swept up in some kind of religious “rapture.” If he did, it was not a Christ-based rapture. Jesus wouldn’t “sweep up” a polygamist or someone who is currently involved in food stamp fraud. My guess is that some of his LDS friends snuck him out of the home and are hiding him.

  • No, he is seeking attention

    Lyle Jeffs is a man desperate to play the victim and gain attention any way possible. He seems to have to be the center of attention whether it is for positive or negative reasons. He has been consistently been in the news for being the leader of a notorious polygamist family.

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