• Pope Benedict XVI Was a Good Leader

    From the Roman Catholic perspective, Pope Benedict XVI was a good leader. One reason for this is that he has always had the Holy Spirit Guide his life and he did so when he resigned as pope. He was a role model, prayed regularly, and was humble before God. He was chosen to be Vicar of Christ on Earth by the College of Cardinals.

  • Preached against abortion

    Benedict 16 was a decent pope because he proclaimed that abortion is wrong and that life begins from conception to natural death. He also prompted the youth's responsibility in the everyday world. He even revised the words of the mass so it made more sense. Not only this but he declared a year of faith for all Catholics everywhere.

  • Perfect

    He was a perfect role model for the Catholics. He continued to promote the idea there is only one true faith. He continued to preach that a pregnant married woman was a virgin and he had a steadfast belief that his opinion was the only one that counted. “She got pregnant after she was raped? It was god’s will and she will have the baby.”
    Being the leader of the delusional catholics was the perfect place for him. Never question the pope and you too might go to heaven or something. Now eat your cookie and drink your kool aid … oops I mean wine.

  • No, Pope Benedict XVI was not a good leader.

    For me, the deal breaker was his lack of a backbone in dealing with Uganda. For those who are not aware, Uganda keeps trying to push a bill into practice that would allow the police to accuse someone of being gay, arrest them, and kill them without a trial. While I understand that the Catholic church doesn't support gay rights o gay marriage, last time I checked they did not condone killing. When the Pope visited Uganda after the bill was first proposed, he should have at least said "hey guys, thou shalt not kill." Instead he said nothing and in recent months has even blessed the politicians who are supporting the bill.

    How can you be a religious leader and support killing?

  • No

    The Pope was not a good leader. He allowed his followers to follow a phony religion. Do you really believe that the Pope believes he was personally chosen by the holy spirit? Maybe god forget to tell the pope that he was going to quit, eh? The pope is the very definition of a conman and nothing more.

  • Nope

    The Pope, like all those before him, was not a good leader. For one, he continued to fool the world with mysticism and hocus pocus. On top of that he lived in a golden palace paid for by the generosity of his followers. On top of that he didn't do much about the sex abuse within the church.

  • The Pope Song

    Just listen to the Pope song by Tim Minchin - you'll understand. . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . .. . . .. …… .. . .

  • He is not religeous

    He acts like hes a good person but look what he has lead people do. He let the gay rights and other things that go against the bible. If you actually think about it he is against Catholicism and also has not respect to Christians and also doesn't care what he does as long as people think good of him.

  • No

    Catholicism is a complete joke. It's impossible for ANY pope to be a good leader. Ravaged with paedophilia, riddled with hypocrisy, the idea we should all live in guilt and fear, the blatant controlling nature of it. I am stunned that people fall for it. I mean really???!!!!! And then the guy who initially says "oh yeah, I'm the chosen one. Sure....." then decides to un-choose himself. Yeah a real leader, where do I sign up for this farce....

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